GDT: Flames 5, Oilers 3 – Pre-season Game 6 – 2009-09-23

By , September 23, 2009 11:47 am
I hope that little shit makes the team...means they don't have enough players to actually make a full NHL team

I hope that little shit makes the team...means they don't have enough players to actually make a full NHL team


Well, I’m stupid busy at work, and my guess is that Racki is as well, so here is a quick GDT.

Pre-game topic of discussion: Who will lead the team this year in points? In PIMs? Goals? Assists? Plus/Minus? Broken Sticks?

Edmonton Oilers Line Up

Jacques – Horcoff – Hemsky
Stone – Comrie – O’Sullivan
Penner – Brule – Nilsson
Moreau – Cogliano – Brennan

Souray – Gilbert
Grebeshkov – Visnovsky
Smid – Strudwick


Projected Flames Line Up

Sjostrom – Jokinen – Iginla
Dawes – Langkow – Bourque
Glencross – Lundmark – Fleury
Stuart – Jaffray – Prust

Regehr – Bouwmeester
Giordano – Phaneuf
Pardy – Kronwall



The Good: JF Jacques looked incredible tonight. He fit on the top line tonight very well. In fact, if not for him, I would have thought that top line was never on the ice. A goal, and a fight tonight. Not just any fight either. JFJ nailed Fredrik Sjostrom from behind (getting a 2-min minor in the process). JFJ turned quick and dropped the gloves as Regehr was breathing down his neck. JFJ fed Regehr his lunch scoring the knock down on a hard punch. As usual, Rod went bananas. My feed went a bit haywire at that point, so unfortunately I couldn’t see a good replay. But on that note, I will get a video up here as soon as I can.

Penner had a strong game as well too, drawing the lone star for the Oilers tonight (2nd star). He was really mobile on the ice tonight. Penner also had a pretty assist on Comrie’s PPG. A flock of players were banging away at a loose puck in front of the Calgary net. Penner kicked it over to Comrie who was wide open on the side of the net, where he fired it into the open net.

As far as the rest of the Penner line, Brule seemed along for the ride, a bit, but he didn’t have a bad game at all. I didn’t really notice him in a good or bad way tonight. Nilsson was instrumental in setting up Penner’s goal in the first, however. He skated into the Calgary zone, Matrix-delayed at the blueline, slowing things down and drawing a defender away from Strudwick. Nilsson, to Struds… Struds fires it off the backboards and to Penner who is staring at a yawning cage for the goal.

The Bad: Almost painful to watch at points. Another flat night for most players. Hemsky seemed pretty invisible out there for the most part. Horcoff was ok, but he coughed up the puck at the blueline on a powerplay, which cost us a goal short-handed. Strudwick and Smid inspired fear only in Oilers fans tonight, as both looked very shakey together. I would have to say that our entire defence corps was pretty unspectacular if not poor tonight. It’s pretty rare that I say that.

The Ugly: Khabibulin left at the end of the 2nd period. According to Tencer, he won’t be making the flight to Winnipeg tomorrow. He might not have been anyways, so who knows if that means anything. But hopefully he’s not seriously hurt. But hey.. what better timing to show management how poor they did at fixing the goaltending issue. I mean, I like Khabi.. but we’re one Khabi injury away from disaster.
UPDATE: no need to freak, it turns out Khabibulin was dehydrated.

The officiating. See Rod Phillips comments, courtesy of David Staples. Three 3-on-5 situations for the Oilers tonight. The Oilers had 10 minor penalties tonight to Calgary’s 4. Granted, several of the calls against the Oilers were passable, however there were a few against the Flames that could have been called as well. Even up calls? Non-existant tonight. The Oilers have 5 penalties to Calgary’s zero in the first period alone.

Scoring Summary

1st Period
01:34 CGY Curtis Glencross Backhand – Assists: none
04:26 EDM Dustin Penner Wrist Shot – Assists: J. Strudwick & R. Nilsson
09:18 EDM Jean-Francois Jacques Snap Shot – Assists: T. Gilbert
12:05 CGY PPG – Jarome Iginla Wrist Shot – Assists: J. Bouwmeester & D. Phaneuf
2nd Period
03:23 CGY SHG – Curtis Glencross Snap Shot – Assists: M. Giordano
12:30 CGY Jason Jaffray Snap Shot – Assists: B. Prust & A. Stralman
3rd Period
13:12 EDM PPG – Mike Comrie Wrist Shot – Assists: D. Penner & P. O’Sullivan
13:51 CGY Fredrik Sjostrom Snap Shot – Assists: J. Iginla

CGY 12-12-12 / 36
EDM 10-6-11 / 27

Here is the JFJ/Regehr fight:

116 Responses to “GDT: Flames 5, Oilers 3 – Pre-season Game 6 – 2009-09-23”

  1. Racki says:

    OilerTyler: I found wi-fi inside Rexall Place, man Smid Is playing bad

    Smid and Strudwick is a disastrous pairing waiting to happen. Just like Smid and Staios… common denominator? I like Smid, but he definitely needs some work. I kind of wonder how maybe Peckham/Staios would do together. Staios gets a bit of a bum rap for being unreliable now, but I think Smid can take on a lot of that blame too.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Smid.. he just has some developing to do still.

  2. Hockey Noob says:

    Racki, yeah JFJ’s been a pleasant surprise during the preseason. He looked great on that recent goal. It’s nice to have a guy who can crash and bang (with some decent size) especially with a team like Calgary who has some big dmen.

    Tyler, yeah Smid’s been kinda awful on a few shifts.

    Dang, I missed nearly half the period when my computer crashed…

  3. Racki says:

    Sorry, to correct myself from a while back, the call on Horcoff was a good call. The only actual bad call tonight (As far as I’m concerned) was on Brennan.

  4. Hockey Noob says:

    Racki, at least we got some practice on the pk. :) Overall, our PK looked good–except when you’re playing 3v5, you’re in trouble.

  5. Racki says:

    Yah, it didn’t do too bad.. p.s. replay time, for what you missed

  6. DropIt says:

    Bush league may have been a bit harsh, but I have never heard someone go on and on like Phillips has.
    I agree the reffing could definately be better, but this guy is an AHL ref.
    its pre-season, regular season is a different story, but the players arent the only ones getting back in to game shape

  7. DropIt says:

    Also, good Oiler practise on the PK, i agree with Noob.

    and we cant say anything until we watch the rest… we all have seen make-up calls

  8. Racki says:

    DropIt: Yah, you’re right, it could easily swing the other way. And really, I’m not at all upset with the reffing. One bad call. Not enough to get all excited about, so you’re right.

  9. DropIt says:

    pp edm…. and its looking about as succesful thus far

  10. Racki says:


  11. DropIt says:

    2x Glenncross 3-2 :)

  12. DropIt says:

    I love LOWE for persuing other interests 😛

  13. Racki says:

    Look at Penner go.. that dude hasn’t moved that much in his entire career.

  14. Racki says:

    Prust as stood toe-to-toe with Big Mac and Kip Brennan now. One tough guy for a guy his size.

  15. DropIt says:

    Agreed, since when has Penner hated Calgary…

    Also, weak fight :( I think they are both trying to solidify there places on the team ?

  16. Racki says:

    Man JFJ…. keep him on the top line a while.

  17. Hockey Noob says:

    Yeah, Penner’s been good on both ends of the ice… I hate to say this MacTism, but he does look to have “some jam” for a change.

  18. Racki says:

    What more can we ask of JFJ tonight? Nothing! Well, maybe 3 more goals.. 😛

  19. Hockey Noob says:

    Racki, What more can we ask of Hemsky or Moreau, lol?

  20. Racki says:

    I’d say for them to watch JFJ play more. lol

  21. Hockey Noob says:

    JDD’s in net? Oh man, I hope that the Bulin wall isn’t injured…

  22. Racki says:

    I’m thinking Quinn switched goalies for a bit of a momentum shift.

  23. Hockey Noob says:

    Hmm, Horcoff and Gilbert are not playing well tonight. Hemsky’s not really doing much…

  24. Racki says:

    Yah, there haven’t been many standounds. JFJ and Penner have looked good. Brule, Stone to a lesser extent. Aside from that, most players have been pretty flat.

  25. Racki says:

    The funny thing is, Horcoff and Hemsky have been complete duds tonight, but JFJ has still looked pretty damn good offensively and physically.

  26. LateNightOilFan says:

    Per Dan Tencer Khabi not on the bench. He took a shot late in the 2nd that Rod said stung him. Hopefully just precautionary.
    That said, he looked pretty shaky tonight…

  27. DropIt says:

    this third period is attrociously slow

  28. Racki says:

    Comrie scooorrrres!

  29. gr8one says:


  30. DropIt says:

    spoke too soon

  31. Racki says:

    LNOF: Damn, that’s not good. But yes, agreed, he’s looked mediocre tonight.

  32. Racki says:

    Oh for effs sake!

  33. DropIt says:

    yaay Laces!

  34. gr8one says:

    bah, nice play strudwick.


  35. Hockey Noob says:

    Racki was just mentioning that Strudwick and Smid is a scary pairing–playing vs. Iginla too lol.

  36. Racki says:

    Yah, I don’t like Staios/Smid or Strudwick/Smid. I don’t think Quinn is one for line matching either.

  37. gr8one says:

    lol, that’s why Souray’s not considered a “puck moving D”…that lead pass that could have resulted in scoring chance…waist high.

  38. LateNightOilFan says:

    Blah, that was lovely all around…I liked Penner’s game though and JFJ. I had a sneaking suspicion once Khabi played the Flames as an Oiler he might start to lose the “Flame Killer” label he acquired with the Hawks, but we’ll see how that plays out during the regular season.

    Speaking of which, I can’t wait for the regular season to start so I don’t have to watch streamed games on a laptop anymore – they give me a headache.

  39. Racki says:

    hahah nice pic gr8one

    And LNOF, I agree… not a fan of the streaming either. But at least we get to watch it.

  40. Uno says:

    HAHA, “Oilers team stacked for battle of Alberta” I bet they would like to change that line after that LOSS. What a joke!

  41. Horpensky says:

    my thoughts on:
    Glencross… me -> RAGEEEEE! why! why oh why!! why us!!
    Cogs: 64% faceoff
    Penner: best player tonight, was on the ball all the time

    can you imagine this team without Cogs and Penner right now?

  42. DropIt says:

    I like my glasses :)

  43. Racki says:

    Post game rant up.

  44. OilerTyler says:

    Did anyone else think Nilsson looked good tonight? He was one of the only Oilers that was putting passes onto other Oiler’s sticks, everyone else was putting them onto Calgary’s sticks or into another Oiler’s skates

  45. Hockey Noob says:

    Good post game thoughts Racki–+1 especially about the dmen.

    Hemmer–Invisible for the most part…
    Horcoff–Didn’t look good imo–bad turnover leading to SH goal as Racki noted.
    Strudwick/Smid–don’t ask… Quinn playing them against Iginla is a big concern.
    Penner–looked very mobile and effective at both ends.
    Nilsson–wasn’t overwhelmingly good, but was better than many others and I agree with Tyler that he was one of the few who connected on his passes.
    JFJ–Great night for him for sure!
    Stone–didn’t stand out as much, but played hard and didn’t seem to make any glaring mistakes unlike others.
    Moreau–I cringed ever time his line was on the ice. He didn’t play very well tonight and he was playing against that Calgary line with guys I’ve never heard of. He made Prust/Jaffay/Stuart look very good. Is Moreau finished?

  46. Trogdor says:

    Reporting from the rink…

    Well, not exactly, its post game and I’m home and half cut and looking forward to work in the morning…

    I thought JFJ had a solid game tonight. Physical presence and had the gall to throw the puck at the net from a tight angle. Low and behold, it went in!

    Penner impressed me as well. He’s a big lad and easy to pick out on the ice, difference tonight that I saw though was that he played big. Parked in front to bag a goal of his own and drew a lot of attention on Comrie’s goal. Couple of hits as too.

    I’ll try to focus on bubble players as I type along. Brennan… Not so good tonight. Two penalties that I saw and an uninspiring fight. Didn’t provide the spark we needed.
    Brule bounced around, but got bounced a fair bit as well. Tried to play big, but with limited success.

    Stone and Nilsson didn’t impress much tonight either, but I hate to single anyone out as it was a pretty uninspiring evening. First period, not bad, second and third was crap. I’m not just blaming the Oil, the Flames were quite flat looking tonight as well. For an 8 goal game, none of the goals were anywhere near the highlight reel. It felt like they played the first and said, well, that’s enough, it’s only pre-season. If I’m only going to get a third of a game, don’t charge me regular season prices. It’s bad enough that I have to pay $8 for a beer.

    Yes, the penalties were a bit one sided, but when we got our opportunities we only added to the stench of the game. Maybe a guy like Schremp does have value.

    Best hit of the night was not on the rink. Four cops and two bouncers in front of Flow giving the business to some drunk fool.

    Time for bed.

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