Save Your Boos – Mike Comrie Returns to Edmonton

By , September 11, 2009 12:41 pm
Ne pas de boo

Ne pas de boo

Save your boos

Well, on my plane ride home from Vegas, I learned that the snot-nosed kid who snubbed Edmonton is back in town. I’m sure many of you are planning on booing/heckling the crap out of him, but I say “save your boos.”

Comrie did screw up. He’s admitted to it though: “I’ve come out and said I didn’t handle it properly. I was young. I made mistakes and I’ve learned a lot.” Even Lowe admitted to making a mistake in how he handled it. I don’t have the exact quote, but he did apologize for trying to extort the $2.5M in bonus money out of Comrie. These two sides have obviously put things behind them, and now it’s time for the fans too. Comrie has also matured quite a bit in the 6 years since he’s been here. He also has never said one bad thing about the fans here (unlike that venomous snake, Chris Pronger) while he was here and even after he was chased out of town.

He also CHOSE Edmonton. Of all the teams out there, he picked Edmonton. According to Rich Winter, there were 3 other teams interested, with 2 of the teams being all but guaranteed playoff contenders. Why would he step into the lion’s den like that? He’s a proud player. He has something to prove. Right now that really works well for both sides involved. For us to get the most mileage out of Comrie while he’s here, we’re going to have to get off his back for a bit… we’re actually going to have to support the little “snot nosed brat!”

The problem is, we fans can be pretty proud. We always feel “it’s our right to boo – I pay good money for my ticket, I can do what I want!”. Well, that is definitely true, but to me it does nothing but tarnish your teams reputation and most likely affect a players performance negatively when you boo them. And guess what – that hinders the team.

This organization has gone through it’s ups and downs. It was a glorious dynasty in the 80s. In the late 90s and early 2000s it went through some tough struggles, both financially and statistically, but players wanted to play for us. Now, we’re got the finances in order… but we’re still struggling statistically and it seems like Edmonton is the Siberia of the NHL. Well, Tambellini and Katz are making great strides to do what they can to repair this organization – the reputation and the glory. If we fans want this team to do a 180, we have to do a 180 ourselves and start becoming better fans again.

You can still boo Chris Pronger, because he’s not an Oiler. But I ask that you don’t boo Comrie. I’d much rather be know as fans that are proud, loud and support their team than fans that strike fear in to their team if they screw up and eat their own.

Now that Comrie is signed, what now?

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Other Updates – MacTavish

Jason Gregor is reporting… *gasp* that Craig MacTavish has accepted a job as analyst on TSN! Is this the coolest news ever? Honestly, I’ve been wanting to see this for a while. I wasn’t much of a fan of MacT behind the bench, but he had some of the most memorable quotes ever. I do consider him to be a very smart man as well too. So don’t get me wrong with my dislike of him as coach here. It was more that I didn’t like his coaching style with THIS team. I would have loved to have heard him doing color for Sportsnet Oilers games though. But at the same time, I think DeBrusk does a wonderful job there.

So that will tide him over until he finds a job in the NHL again. He’s also going to coach the Canadian team at the Spengler Cup team over Christmas as well, to keep his coaching skills sharp.

Rookie Camp

So the young Oilers beat the young Canucks 6-3 last night. The best news of that was that Jordan Eberle potted two. Tonight the Oilers rookies take on the Golden Bears at Clare Drake Arena at 7PM. This will be a good chance to get a preview of Olivier Roy, as he will be sharing the net with Andrew Perugini. You’ll be able to catch the game tonight on with Rod Phillips and Bob Stauffer calling the play.

New Arena Update

David Staples has a nice article up today in which he updates us on the arena. Not too much new there, but it does confirm that the Oilers have been wanting to build on the current Baccarat location, and also has an awesome map (at the bottom) complete with key locations marked out on it. Definitely worth a quick look.

Another One You Shouldn’t Boo

There’s an interview in the Journal today with Dustin Penner in which he talks about his reaction to the trade and how he feels about himself heading into this year. I’ve always tried to support the guy, although even I was buying into what MacTavish was selling about him at a few points. But I think this year will be a big year for him. I think we fans should forget about the Penner we knew and disliked (the one that we thought of as lazy) and be prepared to watch a rejuvinated Dustin Penner. I predict he’ll get 2nd line ice time this year, giving him a bit easier opponents, but also give his line (hopefully a pairing with Cogliano and Gagner) a much needed size boost.

Players Anxious to Start the Season

13 Responses to “Save Your Boos – Mike Comrie Returns to Edmonton”

  1. Horpensky says:

    Comrie and the Oilers have decided to grow up and put the past behind them… we should to. I don’t think anyone will boo him in our own rink though (unlike the Sens fans and Heatley).

    MacT on TSN… excellent, I look forward to watching him. Always good for a great quote, and interesting to see how he views things

  2. Racki says:

    I’m sure that some fans will try and boo Comrie, but I’m hoping they will be in the minority. It’s been a long time now since that all happened. Both sides could share a bit of the blame on it too. I also think a lot of people are sold on the rumor that Comrie slept with Salo’s wife, so that doesn’t help. But I think all of that was fabricated. From what I hear, Comrie, Salo and others were at a party together at some point after Comrie was traded. So I doubt this was all true. And well, that kind of stuff does nothing for the city’s reputation either.

  3. Puritania says:

    MacT on TSN is great, Its a good fit for him, he is a sharp dude with some quick wit.
    as for Comrie I think we need to give him a chance, I for one will not boo the little bugger. I’m hoping we dish Nilsson now, I’d like a guy who can win a draw or check someone into the third row.

  4. Hockey Noob says:

    Puritania, though I too would like to see MacT on TSN, from what I recall, the Edmonton Journal article today suggested that the TSN deal is not confirmed.

  5. Racki says:

    Noob, I’m trying to find where the Journal said that. Was it online? Jason Gregor reported on Oilers Nation that he accepted a job as an analyst on TSN though.

  6. Hockey Noob says:

    Hey Racki, I am not sure if it’s online or not. I just read it in the paper this morning. On the sports page it says:

    MacTavish’s nae came up as a replacement for Marc Crawford… as Hockey Night in Canada colour analyst. But nothing came of that…

    It was written in an article on the front page of the sports section today by Jim Matheson.

  7. Racki says:

    Interesting. That would be earlier than what Jason Gregor updated on Oilers Nation though. So I wonder if some new news on that came out. Who knows.

  8. Trogdor says:

    Well, there’s a chance you might both be right as you’re talking about TSN and CBC.

  9. Racki says:

    OHH right. I didn’t even notice that in Noob’s quote that it was about CBC 😉 Good catch.

  10. Trogdor says:

    TSN reports Heatley is a Shark, and the Sens get Cheechoo and Michalek in return. Not a bad deal for the Sens. Now what do we have to talk about?

  11. Mr.Majestyk says:

    Who else will be playing for the Sharks this season? They gave up another roster spot in this trade. Can we trade them Nilsson or whoever doesn’t fit into our lineup after training camp?

  12. Racki says:

    Wow, sucks to be anyone that faces the Sharks, I suppose. But I’m sure they’ll still flop when it matters.

  13. Racki says:

    Mr.Majestyk: Who else will be playing for the Sharks this season?They gave up another roster spot in this trade.Can we trade them Nilsson or whoever doesn’t fit into our lineup after training camp?

    Yah, according to Cap Geek, the Sharks have ~$0.691M left in cap space and only have 21 guys on their NHL roster. Yikes… signal another trade?

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