GDT: Oilers 1, Islanders 3…in Saskatchewan – Pre-season Game 5 – 2009-09-20

By , September 20, 2009 3:09 pm

Pretty proud of that islanders logo

Pretty proud of that islanders logo

UPDATED: Fight video with Steve MacIntyre and Joel Rechlicz added.
Well, the Esks are currently playing (and currently are winning 14-7), the Seahawks are currently playing (and losing 10-3…boooo), OU demolished a no-name school yesterday (yay), USC got upset by Washington in a great game and the UFC was a so-so event.

Add that all in with the hockey and I am almost all sports out for the weekend. Nevermind the fact that I have to put in about 5 hours of work in tonight.

But the Oilers are playing. And its the Islanders. So we should win. And Lubo is back! Tavares is playing his second game, while Biron is getting the start and Tambi’s boy is also playing tonight.

Oilers site also mentions that Kyntar is playing in Saskatoon partially due to the fact he played for the Blades last year. (Or so I gather)

Lineups are as such:

Oilers lines as per 630 ched:

Stone – Kytnar – Eberle

MacIntyre – Pouliot – Pisani

Minard – Comrie – Stortini

Jacques – Potulny – O’Sullivan

Strudwick – Plante

Arsene – Staios

Chorney – Visnovsky



Islander roster as per Oilers site:

2 Mark Streit D
3 Calvin de Haan D
10 Richard Park F
12 Josh Bailey F
15 Jeff Tambellini F
24 Radek Martinek D
26 Matt Moulson F
32 Brendan Witt D
33 Scott Munroe G
41 Robin Figren F
42 Brett Westgarth D
43 Martin Biron G
49 Jyri Niemi D
50 Tomas Marcinko F
57 Blake Comeau F
67 Sean Bentivoglio F
77 Trevor Smith F
81 Justin DiBenedetto F
91 John Tavares F


Well I missed the beginning of the first, the beginning of the second and a bunch of the third so I really don’t have all that many comments.

Eberle played well, as did Poo and supposedly MacIntyre beat some dude but I missed that. Other than that the Islanders outplayed the Oilers.

Radek Martinek – Islanders
Josh Bailey – Islanders
Matt Moulson – Islanders
Patrick O’Sullivan from Comrie and Visnovsky – Oilers

MacIntyre VS. Joel Rechlicz

Here’s video of the fight:

Steve MacIntyre vs Joel Rechlicz Sep 20, 2009

23 Responses to “GDT: Oilers 1, Islanders 3…in Saskatchewan – Pre-season Game 5 – 2009-09-20”

  1. Racki says:

    Holy shit.. you are paint master now. That is a pretty sweet Islanders logo. Rofl

  2. Racki says:

    Btw, off topic here (but I can do what I want, cause thats how I roll)… for any of you guys that use Internet Explorer: does the logo get cut off by the header picture (the pic of Moreau, city, etc, etc)? It doesn’t do that for me on Google Chrome or on Internet Explorer for me, but for some reason it does on my sister’s computer.

  3. Steve-O says:

    Everyone should switch to firefox or chrome anyways…

    Eskies win a big one, Seahawks lose their game and their starting QB. I’m working right now so this day is looking like a write off unless the Oil win

  4. gr8one says:

    chrome is the shit.

  5. Steve-O says:

    gr8one: chrome is the shit.


    And since the feed doesn’t seem to show the score, just so everyone knows its 2-0 for the Islanders

  6. Hockey Noob says:

    Nice hit by Stone… brutal play by Oilers, lol. Can’t seem to get past the red line.

  7. Steve-O says:

    I just finished doing some work so I missed the beginning of the game.

    Anything good happen? (Fights etc)

  8. Hockey Noob says:

    Steve-O, I missed part of the first period too… Eberle’s looking dangerous yet again. Gregs is back to being the acid eater… Visnovsky’s playing very well… Smac got in a pretty good fight. The Oilers roster seems pretty thin tonight and it shows. It seems like we’re having a hard time getting the puck out of our zone. DD’s not playing spectacular, so he doesn’t look to be making a good case for himself tonight. Stone had a great hit on Tavares–so look to see if they retaliate on him next period.

  9. Hockey Noob says:

    Sorry *Grebs not Gregs…

  10. Steve-O says:

    cool, thanks for the update. I just missed the beginning of the second too so i hope they didn’t retaliate just yet

  11. Steve-O says:

    christ, any more calls can go their way?

  12. Steve-O says:

    weak sauce feeds

  13. Steve-O says:

    Looks like we need to promote poo to the pp

  14. Racki says:

    I didn’t get to catch much of this game, but Poo did look like he was flying around out there on the PP. Plus, a guy with a nickname like Poo will really fit in on our PP.

  15. Racki says:

    Added video for the fight between Steve MacIntyre and Joel Rechlicz. Man, doesn’t take long for that stuff to hit the net! Gotta love the information age.. πŸ˜›

  16. Trogdor says:

    I missed this game completely… Dang. Sounds like I didn’t miss much though. I did manage to get the Friday game up on the big screen during my wife’s work pot luck at our house though. All the husbands were happy, and it didn’t look as terrible as I thought it would.

  17. Steve-O says:

    yeah, if you have a ps3 its easy to watch the streamed games on the tv

  18. gr8one says:

    just watched that fight vid…man that was a good tilt, I actually thought Rechlicz did do the “banana peel” after one of those rights he took, and Bic mac picked him back up and gave him some more as if to say, “you wanted this, not you’re going to get it…” but to Rechlicz’ credit, he recovered pretty well.

  19. gr8one says:

    ^now* instead of “not”

    Racki, is there a way to an an Edit button? I certainly need one.

  20. chucker says:

    Yup. The header looks funny for me. It’s cut off.

  21. Racki says:

    gr8one: I’m not sure if non-admin’s can edit.. but i’ll look into that

    chucker: damn it.. this is the fun of coding for a bunch of different browsers πŸ˜‰ Can you tell me what browser you use and what version it is? Thanks!

  22. Racki says:

    Chucker: also is it still broken like that? I tried one other thing, but unfortunately I can’t test it because I can’t recreate the problem. Maybe finding out the web browser and version you use will help.

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