Oilers trim the roster, and a few tid bits.

By , September 21, 2009 4:30 pm
A little off the top...

A little off the top...

Oiler Cuts

The Edmonton Oilers assigned eight players today (four defencemen and four forwards), leaving their training camp roster at 34 players.  What does this mean?  The next game I’m going to will have more regulars in the line up.  Yipee!

Assigned to Springfield (AHL): Ryan O’Marra (RW), Alex Plante (D), Jake Taylor (D) and Bryan Young (D)

Assigned to Saskatoon (WHL): Milan Kytnar (C)

Placed on waivers for the purpose of assignment: Dean Arsene (D), Ryan Potulny (C) and Chris Minard (LW).

(Edit by Racki…) That leaves us with:

Forwards (20): Defence(9): Goaltenders (5):


































Kessel run

Well, its news, but maybe no one cares. We all saw it coming and most think the Leafs will still struggle to make the playoffs anyway, but they have acquired Phil Kessel from the Boston Bruins. In return the Bruins who have enough talent to let him go get 2 first rounders(2010,2011) and 1 second rounder(2010). Many Bruins fans will be hoping for an allout Leaf implosion resulting in them finishing dead last. We shall see.

Coyote ugly

Judge Baum has called an emergency hearing for Wednesday, after Jerry Moyes requested that the league be forced to mediate key sales issues. This is the song that never ends. I understand that the city of Glendale is behind the team remaining in Glendale, but we’ll see if its citizens back up the support. Anyone know what the attendance numbers are looking like for the preseason? Reports put it averaging around 3,000 people in the 17,800 person arena. Echo, echo, echo…

13 Responses to “Oilers trim the roster, and a few tid bits.”

  1. Horpensky says:

    well I liked Kessel before, but somewhere deep inside (well actually not deep) I hope this move doesn’t work out and the Leafs tank it hard because it’s Brian Burke.

  2. Racki says:

    Interesting… Ryan Potulny on waivers. I can’t see him really getting picked up as at this stage he is a very good AHLer, but nothing more. But I hope he clears!

    And that’s brutal if the attendance at Glendale is that low!

    As for Kessel to the leafs… I think Brukie just didn’t offersheet for him because he’s too proud after lambasting Lowe in public.

  3. Steve-O says:

    I don’t like the Kessel/Leafs bullshit. The Bruins were essentially over the barrel on that one.

    Here is how I see the conversation/trade went:
    Burke: I’ll give you a bunch of picks
    Boston: Fuck you
    Burke: You say yes or I’ll offer sheet his ass so quick you’ll spin
    Boston: Well we will just trade him to another team
    Burke: We just talked with him and he won’t sign with another team…so good luck getting anything from another team
    Boston: …
    (at this point Burke starts laughing)
    Boston: …your a dick, picks sound good

    Thats just fucking bush league…an offer sheet would be more honorable.

  4. Mr.Majestyk says:

    What picks would they give up if they made an offer sheet? I think 2 1st rounders from the Leafs is pretty good even without the 2nd rounder. I’m not completely sold on Kessel.

  5. gr8one says:

    I believe an offer sheet would have got the Bruins a First, a second and a third, so essentially the B’s got an extra first pick instead of the third.

    I like Kessel, but that’s a helluva lot to give up for for a kid that has had some(supposed)attitude problems in the past, only one really good season and is damaged goods, not ready to even play until possibly the new year. and often after a major surgery like that that it takes a good full season for the player to get their game back.

    I don’t want to wish bad on Kessel, but I really hope he does tank, so that Burke can finally be exposed as the shitty GM that I believe he is.

    He left the Canucks in a shitty place, he took over the Ducks when they were already on the the rise, and then left them in a shitty cap situation that the current management had to clean up.

  6. Max Powers says:

    2 firsts? I thought it was a first and a second. Even better for bean town. Although Kessel is pretty much exactly what the leafs needed, if he doesn’t seem to work out or gets injured, TML are giving up a lotery pick for next year. I’d love to have both Toronto’s 1st’s for the next 2 years.

    As much as I can’t stand Burke, at least the guy did what he said he would do, unlike our GM. Sure the guy before him pretty much cleaned house and didn’t have Mr. Dipshit as his predecessor but he still made the team tougher and better.

  7. gr8one says:

    Max Powers: 2 firsts?I thought it was a first and a second.Even better for bean town.Although Kessel is pretty much exactly what the leafs needed, if he doesn’t seem to work out or gets injured, TML are giving up a lotery pick for next year.I’d love to have both Toronto’s 1st’s for the next 2 years.As much as I can’t stand Burke, at least the guy did what he said he would do, unlike our GM.Sure the guy before him pretty much cleaned house and didn’t have Mr. Dipshit as his predecessor but he still made the team tougher and better.

    can’t argue with that.

  8. Mr.Majestyk says:

    This is going to be Burke’s 3rd year with Toronto if you include the year he was with Anaheim but secretly telling Cliff Fletcher what moves he’d like to see happen. Funny how the league never investigated that whole situation.

  9. Racki says:

    lol Mr.M. That situation was definitely pretty shady. I’m surprised he didn’t trade Pronger to the Leafs for a bag of pucks first.

    And yes, the compensation would have been a 1st, 2nd and 3rd. And getting Toronto’s 1st’s for the next two years is pretty nice. I sympathize with the B’s because Kessel wasn’t willing to take a bit of a cut to stay there, but he’s also got to look out for #1 too, I suppose.

    And I still think Burke has had it pretty easy. It’s easier to do what you said you were going to do when you had The Cleaner come in and do the hard, dirty work for you already.

  10. chucker says:

    Hear me now and listen to me later. If Boston dumps a talented player, that player ultimately is a dud. Kessel will get ruined on an abysmal Leafs team and never live up to the pressure put on him by this deal.

    Rebuilding….nice job blockhead. Give away two of what’s likely a top 5 pick in the next two years drafts. Same old Leafs. Could have had two shots at franchise guys and rebuild with success, but the shiny object always gets in the way. They’ll be good enough to finish tenth or eleventh because Wilson can coach mashed potatoes into a team.

    The Leafs Abomination continutes. Don’t know how to win and don’t know how to lose.

  11. pharsyde says:

    Honestly, for a guy who stated when he got to Toronto the name of the game was to stockpile draftpicks, he sure got rid of a whole bunch of them in a hurry. Now Kessel isn’t bad at all, I’d be grinning like the grinch who stole Christmas if the Oil made a deal for him. But unless Savard changed the spelling of his name to G-R-A-B-O-V-S-K-I, Kessel isn’t getting the puck where it needs to be to score as much as last season.

    Brian Burke has done one hell of a job with the Leafs this off season. It’s just a shame he has to talk, showing his hypocrisies (or short memory). Running his mouth about Heatley when a few short years ago the Pronger situation worked in his favour. The offer sheet fiasco. And now the stockpiling of draft picks to build a team from within, only to trade them all away.

    Now the leafs definitely are better with Kessel. But the picks going the other way seems like a bit of an overpayment, especially since he’s injured until December.

  12. Trogdor says:

    Yeah, I really do wonder how this will all play out. Kessel is definitely a good guy to pick up, but he’s coming off injury and a lot of his success was due to chemistry with Savard. It may take him some time to get going and establish himself again, and as I said earlier, the Bruins out there will hope it takes him at least one season to settle in.

  13. Racki says:

    Subtract Mucha and Sorochan now. It’s down to Doobie, JDD and Khabi in net.

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