Oilers Training Camp Opens

By , September 12, 2009 11:52 am
Defenceman Jordan Bendfeld at Rookie Camp

One of the camp's rookie invitees, defenceman Jordan Bendfeld

UPDATED: with new line combinations.
The Edmonton Oilers training camp officially opened today for the 2009/10 season. Players will undergo physicals and medicals today, and tomorrow they hit the ice for on-ice sessions (open to the public). According to Guy Flaming, “the first group is scheduled for 8:15 AM and there will be 3 groups spread apart by about an hour and a half.” The first pre-season game will be September 15th (Tuesday) @ 7:00PM versus the Flames in their own barn. You can listen to the game on CHED, but there is also a chance that there will be a web cast of the game on the Oilers web site.


13-Sep-098:15 a.m.n/a - on-ice sessionsRexall Place (open to public)
15-Sep-097:00 p.m.at CalgaryPengrowth Saddledome
16-Sep-097:00 p.m.vs. New York IslandersRexall Place
18-Sep-097:00 p.m.vs. FloridaRexall Place 
19-Sep-098:00 p.m.at VancouverGM Place
20-Sep-097:00 p.m.at New York Islanders (Saskatoon)Credit Union Centre
23-Sep-097:00 p.m.vs. CalgaryRexall Place
24-Sep-096:30 p.m.at Tampa Bay (Winnipeg) MTS Centre
27-Sep-096:00 p.m.vs. VancouverRexall Place 

Rookies Invited

F Jamie Bates
F Jordan Eberle
F Phillipe Cornet
F Milan Kytnar
D Jordan Bendfeld
D Alex Plante
D Johan Motin
D Dalton Prout
D Jesse Dudas
G Bryan Pitton
G Andrew Perugini
G Olivier Roy
G Kurtis Mucha

According to Dan Tencer, a total of 63 players have been invited to camp.

The Oilers Rookies went 1-1, with a 6-3 victory over the Canucks Rookies Thursday, and fell 4-3 against the UofA Golden Bears yesterday. The Canucks rookies finished 0-2 and the UofA Golden Bears finished 2-0.

The Oilers 09/10 regular season kicks off October 3rd at 8:00PM at home vs. the Calgary Flames. Don’t forget to keep an eye out in the Wallpaper section of Puttin’ On The Foil for an updated calendar for the Oilers month of October once the TV schedule has been fully released.

Line Combos for Sunday’s Sessions

Team A will be skating on Sunday from 8:15 a.m. to 9:45 a.m.

19 O’Sullivan – 10 Horcoff – 83 Hemsky
85 Reddox – 16 Potulny – 68 Fretter
32 Stone – 88 Schremp – 36 Linglet
26 Brennan – 91 Comrie – 75 Bates

44 Souray – 71 Visnovsky
8 Arsene – 81 Taylor
45 Wild – 55 Bendfeld

35 Khabiublin
50 Pitton
60 Perugini

Team B will be skating from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

27 Penner – 89 Gagner – 14 Eberle
22 Jacques – 78 Pouliot – 46 Stortini
58 Trukhno – 42 O’Marra – 57 McDonald
25 Emmerson – 61 Lerg – 54 MacMurchy

37 Grebeshkov – 77 Gilbert
41 Chorney – 48 Plante
47 Nickerson – 28 Young

38 Deslauriers
30 Roy

Team C will be skating from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

18 Moreau – 13 Cogliano – 34 Pisani
12 Nilsson – 67 Brule – 39 Minard
23 Cornet – 84 Paukovich – 33 MacIntyre
56 Czuy – 64 Kytnar – 90 Lazo

5 Smid – 24 Staios
29 Motin – 43 Strudwick
66 Prout – 82 Dudas
49 Peckham (IR)

40 Dubnyk
80 Sorochan
52 Mucha

Take note, Khabibulin’s new number with the Oilers is 35.

A whole wack of audio/video from today at training camp has been updated on the Oilers’ home page.

13 Responses to “Oilers Training Camp Opens”

  1. Hockey Noob says:

    Johan Motin’s getting a lot of hype over at Lowetide. What are your thoughts on him?

  2. Racki says:

    I don’t see him cracking the lineup, but bigger surprises have happened. I like that we have another stay-at-home d-man waiting in the wings. From what I understand, he sounds comparable to Smid (although maybe less offensive upside) – very stay at home, and with a mean side to him. I think he’ll likely impress in a look in camp, but beyond that, we’ll hopefully hear about him in Springfield this year. He’s got to compete with Strudwick, Peckham, and Chorney to get a shot at even a 7th slotting in the bigs.

  3. Jimbo says:

    We still have the Penner on the team? So that line is Gags, Ebs and the Michelin Tire mascot doll standing on the heel of his skates hoping something bounces in off him. Actually, he obviously couldn’t care whether he plays or not, but payday must be great!

  4. Racki says:

    We all like to pick on Penner for his size, but he’s apparently in his best shape of his career (not that this is saying much). I also am thinking he will have a much improved year this year. He will surprise some people (in a positive way).

  5. Hockey Noob says:

    Racki, 630 ched has the Oilers training camp lines up:

    Training Camp Lines

    It looks like a few things jump out from these lines:

    1. Hor/Sulli/sky’s getting a look at a top PvP line.
    2. Penner/Gagner/Eberele has the looks of a second line +/- Eberle
    3. Moreau/Cogliano/Pisani looks like a 3rd line.
    4. JFJ/Pouliot/Storts looks like a trial 4rth line.
    5. Nilsson’s an odd man out in terms of pairings–is he on the way out?
    6. Comrie’s not paired very well either.

  6. Racki says:

    Hey Noob, Yah actually I had already updated the post above with the new lines (I have a habit of ninja’ing in updates every now and then to save on extra posts). I thought I posted a reply here saying I updated them, but guess not.. woops.

    Anyways, All your observations stood out to me as well too. The Eberle line really stood out most to me and honestly excited me. But since Comrie will be playing this year somewhere, you kind of have to figure that Eberle is just warming up his spot (or perhaps if O’Sully can’t fit on line 1, O’Sully’s spot with Comrie taking top line LW)

  7. Hockey Noob says:

    Hey Racki, sorry about that–it wasn’t up yet when I started my comment–at least I don’t think that it was…

    Yeah, Comrie and Nilsson both jump out as they both have somewhat odd pairings. At the very least, one would thing that their both being sent a message that they have to impress at TC and carve out a roster position for themselves.

  8. Horpensky says:

    Sounds like they’re giving Eberle a very good look by giving him quality linemates, and Comrie and Nilsson sound like they’re on the bubble already. But there’s still lots of training camp left. I could see Eberle making it if they give him the 9 game trial (like Gagner) and he does so well that there is no way we can send him back.

  9. Racki says:

    I’m not sure why Comrie would be on the bubble though if they went and signed him.. that wouldn’t make sense. I think its possible that they just know what he brings already and would rather take a look at some of the other players. Nilsson and Brule… well, doesn’t bode well for either of those guys.

    But we also might be reading too much into this. I was trying to locate last years lines to find out how they compare. I seem to remember some questionable decisions there too. But yah, I wouldn’t read too much into it. There’s still the real game situations to come too. You’ll also notice that Comrie is on the same team as Hemsky… perhaps they’ll bump him into top LW or something when the pre-season games start. As for Nilsson, apparently he’s taken some sort of Carrot Top exercise regime, as he’s gained 15lbs. Buff! 😛 I’d hope that doesn’t go to waste.

  10. LateNightOilFan says:

    Is it just me or is 63 players more than usual? I thought they usually just have 2 squads, not 3. I hope they thin them out quickly so the players who have a serious shot at making the team either right off the bat or during the year as call-ups have more time to gel.

  11. Racki says:

    I tried to dig up last years lines, but I did manage to find the 2008 Oilers Training Camp Roster. Looks like there were actually 76 invitees to that camp. Actually, the way the Oil site phrases it is “35 players will be joined by additions from the Oilers’ Rookie Camp”. So they just had a tonne of rookies added in last year.

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