Edmonton Oilers Training Camp – Day 3 (part 1)

By , September 14, 2009 12:13 pm
Edmonton Oilers Training Camp - Smid, Cornet and Minard

Edmonton Oilers Training Camp - Smid, Cornet and Minard

Sorry, things are pretty hectic on my first day back to work from vacation. So I don’t have much time to really update right now.

For now, I’d suggest checking out the training camp live update on Oilers Nation, but I will do a write up tonight to summarize the day. You might notice that their title is “Day 2”, but I consider day 1 to be Saturday (which is medicals, etc.).

Anyways, here is the lineup for the first scrimmage:

Scrimmage 1 Lineup


O’Sullivan Horcoff Hemsky
Stone Schremp Linglet
Bates Paukovich MacMurchy

Souray Dudas
Motin Wild

Dubnyk and Mucha


Moreau Cogliano Pisani
Reddox Potulny Fretter
Comrie Brennan Lazo

Staios Smid
Young Nickerson

Khabibulin and Roy

Schremp gets bunk linemates again, so sounds like he’s not really much of a consideration right now. But it sounds like either Gregor has a crush on Schremp (which I doubt) or Schremp is playing well again. It was pretty much all Blue Team for scrimmage 1. Sounds like they won 6-1, although the scrimmage apparently wasn’t very exciting.

The other good news to note is Roy is in net, which means he is OK from that slapshot he took from Penner yesterday.

Here is the lineup for the second scrimmage:

Scrimmage 2 Lineup


Penner Gagner Eberle
Nilsson Brule Minard
Lerg Trukhno McDonald

Grebeshkov Gilbert
Plante Bendfeld

Pitton and JDD


Jacques Pouliot Stortini
Cornet O’Marra MacIntyre
Czuy Kytnar Emmerson

Chorney Strudwick
Arsene Taylor

Perugini and Sorochan

This one is about 30 minutes in and sounds like it is a more exciting scrimmage than the first.

Another note on the lineup… some people had observed that Brule left the ice early yesterday and weren’t sure why. But he’s on the ice again today, so that is good news.

So far of all people that have earned mention by Gregor, it sounds like the underachievers are the ones doing the best – Schremp and Nilsson. Sounds like they are fighting for their jobs. Good to see that they haven’t just rolled over and died. Nilsson probably has a good chance of sticking around still, but even if Schremp impresses, I’m thinking he has a long road ahead of him. The lineups aren’t doing him any favors either, which might emphasise just how hard it will be for him.

Gregor also just reported that MacIntyre is out laying the body and playing very physical. For him to really impress he’s going to have to do that. Lowetide has a post up in which he mentions that MacIntyre’s days here could be numbered, so he’s another man fighting for a job. It really is sad to think that more than a few of these guys are going to have to take a walk.

Anyways, look for a proper summary of today’s events later today sometime.

12:26 PM UPDATE: Scrimmage 2 is done, they’re just doing penalty shots now. Team Blue won 3-2. Best goals were Plante’s goal in which he wired a pass from Brule under the bar, and Gagner does his best Gretzky impersonation, passing from his office to Penner out front who one times it in for a goal. Pleeeeease tell me these two are going to stay together. I think they are a good match. Penner’s got great hands when it comes to shooting, and Gagner’s got crisp passes. They will make a good 1-2 punch for the 2nd line.

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