Edmonton Oilers Reduce Roster by Six

By , September 20, 2009 12:02 pm

From the Official Oilers e-mail:

The Edmonton Oilers assigned five players to Springfield of the American Hockey League and released one today leaving their roster at 42 players.

Assigned to Springfield (AHL): Johan Motin (D), Viacheslav Trukhno (LW), Geoff Paukovich (LW), Colin McDonald (RW) and Charles Linglet (LW).

Released: Miroslav Lazo (RW).

4 Responses to “Edmonton Oilers Reduce Roster by Six”

  1. Racki says:

    Surprises? Hmm… not really. I would have liked to have seen Motin a bit more, and Trukhno played pretty well his last game. But these guys weren’t making the roster anyways just yet.

  2. Hockey Noob says:

    Hey Racki, what about Bryan Young? To my untrained eye, his play has not looked very good. Motin got sent out before Young? That’s odd–unless I am missing something?

  3. Racki says:

    Yah it’s a bit surprising that Motin was the first to go of our remaining d-men. But didn’t Bryan Young block a shot with his face last night? Or was that Jake Taylor? Now that I think about it, I think it was Taylor. Either way, it was pretty brave and very Horcoff-esque. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. gr8one says:

    I actually think it was Bryan Young that blocked that shot with his face, and as a matter fact when it happened, I turned to my Fiancee and said something to the effect of “man that’s gotta suck blocking a shot with your face only to be likely cut the following day”

    lol, maybe management thought the same way and rewarded his bravery with a slight reprieve.

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