GDT: Oilers 3, Isles 2 – Pre-season Game 2 – 2009-09-16

By , September 16, 2009 12:30 am

Edmonton Oilers GDT - Pre-season 09/09/16 - vs. Isles

Edmonton Oilers GDT - Pre-season 09/09/16 - vs. Isles


The Oilers are coming off of a 4-1 win over the Flames on Tuesday night (check the bottom of that page, before the comments, for a post-game summary) in which Patrick O’Sullivan scored two goals including the first of the pre-season and the game winner.

So far it appears that the forward lines will be as follows for Edmonton for pre-season game 2:

Edmonton Oilers Starting Line Up

Nilsson – Gagner – Hemsky
Penner – Cogliano – Eberle
Cornet – Reddox – Pisani
Trukhno – Pouliot – MacIntyre

Souray – Smid
Grebeshkov – Motin
Young – Taylor


New York Islanders Roster

1 G Mikko Koskinen
3 D Calvin de Haan
8 D Bruno Gervais
10 RW Richard Park
11 C Nate Thompson
16 LW Jon Sim
20 LW Sean Bergenheim
25 D Andy Sutton
36 D Travis Hamonic
40 RW Joel Rechlicz
41 RW Robin Figren
44 D Freddy Meyer
45 RW Tyler Haskins
52 G Nathan Lawson
53 C Casey Cizikas
56 D Dustin Kohn
58 LW Jesse Joensuu
81 LW Justin DiBenedetto
91 C John Tavares
93 C Doug Weight

52 G Nathan Lawson

I have to say, that top line sounds like it’ll look pretty on there but with very little finish, and the 2nd line should be a bit better at it, if they can gain the zone. Interesting line combos.. not so sure how they will work out, but the people at the Oilers home page seemed pretty happy about them 😉

edit: Lines have been updated, no Brule, as was first reported. Trukhno is in, however. D-pairings also have been added.


So, my post game summary for this game is pretty weak, I must apologize. Hockey Noob was kind enough to invite me to the game with him, as he got a free pair of tickets in an executive suite from David Staples of the Edmonton Journal. So we spent most of the night in awe of being there, snapping all the pics that we could. From what I saw, the MacIntyre fight was awesome. Both guys through some big bombs. I’m not sure who threw the better punches, but I can say for certain that Big Mac threw some heavy punches. I would be inclined to call it a draw, but the Oil fan in me gives Mac the win. I’d say the Islander held his own or was better in the early goings, but Big Mac poured it on for the latter half. Quite a full-length tilt.

Nobody stood out too much. I thought Eberle looked even better than Tavares though. Tavares, aside from a few wins on the draw (he seemed quite good from what I saw), didn’t really do much at all tonight. Souray… wow – 2 broken glasses? How often do you see that in a single game (I’m guessing never), let alone by the same player? I’d much rather see him take a few clicks off the shot and bury it though, but that was still pretty entertaining. Motin also looked good, from what I could tell. He threw a huge hit on someone as he came in to pinch in on the powerplay. He’s going to be one to watch for the future, as he’s already impressing people.


1st Period
06:39 NYI Bruno Gervais Slap Shot – Assists: none
2nd Period
3rd Period
08:00 EDM Dustin Penner Wrist Shot – Assists: A. Cogliano & S. Souray
10:20 EDM Sam Gagner Backhand – Assists: A. Hemsky & R. Nilsson
15:02 NYI Unknown Wrist Shot – Assists: N. Thompson
17:45 EDM Sheldon Souray Backhand – Assists: S. Gagner


1st Period
04:43 EDM Bryan Young : Fighting (maj) – 5 min
04:43 NYI Nate Thompson : Fighting (maj) – 5 min
11:11 NYI Tyler Haskins : Tripping – 2 min
11:51 NYI Richard Park : Hi-sticking – 2 min
15:18 NYI Doug Weight : Elbowing – 2 min
19:41 NYI Freddy Meyer : Tripping – 2 min
2nd Period
03:14 EDM Liam Reddox : Hi stick – double minor – 4 min
11:44 NYI Joel Rechlicz : Fighting (maj) – 5 min
11:44 EDM Steve MacIntyre : Fighting (maj) – 5 min
15:48 EDM Liam Reddox : Hooking – 2 min
3rd Period
11:56 EDM Steve MacIntyre : Unsportsmanlike conduct – 2 min
11:56 NYI Joel Rechlicz : Unsportsmanlike conduct – 2 min
12:42 EDM Liam Reddox : Too many men/ice – bench – 2 min
16:23 NYI Robin Figren : Interference on goalkeeper – 2 min
16:23 EDM Jeff Deslauriers served by Ales Hemsky : Roughing – 2 min
19:43 EDM Sheldon Souray : Hooking – 2 min


NYI – 6-10-9 25
EDM – 10-5-7 22

For a great summary of the game, head over to Copper & Blue. Jonathan Willis completely upped the bar by providing a great live blog of the game.

Next game: Thursday 7:00 @ home, vs. Florida Panthers. Catch the game on the net. I’ll host the feed here as well if I get online on Friday.

34 Responses to “GDT: Oilers 3, Isles 2 – Pre-season Game 2 – 2009-09-16”

  1. Steve-O says:

    I’ll let you know in person.

  2. Horpensky says:

    This will be the John Tavares debut too, pretty exciting!

  3. Racki says:

    Yah that’s pretty cool. I hope he doesn’t get pulled out of the line up, for some reason. Has it been confirmed he’s playing for sure?

  4. Trogdor says:

    TSN is reporting that Tavares will be playing tonight and I also heard it on the radio this morning. TSN also thinks Rolo will be playing but the morning radio thought he was in Saskatoon… Guess we won’t know anything for sure until puck drop.

    Racki or Steve-O or both of you… you better take the disposable camera tonight and get some exclusive shots for the blog.

  5. Racki says:

    I’ll hide my camera in the crotch of my pants.

  6. Racki says:

    So thanks to David Staples, Hockey Noob managed to get 2 tickets off of him that are craaaazy close. So him and I will be going to the game. So we’ll be minus 2 in the GDT today, but feel free to still chat it up if any of you like. Other places that are good for that sort of thing.. the Oilers Message Board ( Lowetide also generally has a game day thread up too.

  7. Trogdor says:

    I’ll get on here at some point tonight. Depends on how fast the medi center gets to me though. No need to post any pics from the crotch of your pants either.

  8. Racki says:

    Well, I fixed the paging problem for when the comments reach over 50 (so for Steve-O, and anyone else interested, you can go back to the Calgary game and look through old comments). I’d like to get it set up to display the page number somewhere or allow you to jump right to pages, but have to figure that out.

  9. Racki says:

    Dan Tencer says MacT will be doing the pre-game show on CHED For the Oilers game. ha

  10. Racki says:

    I’m also interested in how Souray and Smid will play together tonight… wouldn’t mind seeing that pairing given some serious consideration. Can Smid handle high minutes?

  11. Hockey Noob says:

    As for Tavares, he reportedly missed the last game due to a ‘flu,’ so I am hoping to see him tonight as Trogdor suggests!!!

  12. Racki says:

    Just updated tonights roster, and it shows Tavares as in it, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get pulled out of the line up. But they list him as #91.

  13. gr8one says:

    wow, we look like shit so far…

  14. LateNightOilFan says:

    Just got home, missed the first period. Quiet here I see, hope Racki & Noob are enjoying the game. A tying goal might help with that…

  15. DropIt says:

    Really? I have heard the Oil are outplaying the Isles in every category except the one that counts.

  16. LateNightOilFan says:

    Nice to hear Rod again…”…and it’s shot by uhh, one of the Islanders…”

  17. DropIt says:

    Also hearing Phillips try to pronounce Joensuu’s name is the best part of the night.

  18. LateNightOilFan says:

    Or Lawson, standing on his ear…

  19. LateNightOilFan says:

    Bet Lawson’s glad he didn’t get in front of that shot by Souray. He’d really be on his ear then.


  20. DropIt says:

    Rod Phillips is difficult to listen to. But apparently he has the “glass fixing” crew ranked on a 30 team scale.

  21. gr8one says:

    hehe, shortly after I said we looked like shit they really picked it up, maybe they heard me.

    damn Eberle is looking good out there.

  22. LateNightOilFan says:

    Oh wow, Shelly breaks another pane of glass! They’re going to start docking his pay soon! Popcorn break I guess…

  23. DropIt says:

    Souray breaks another, time for the maintenance crew to work their way up the ranks

  24. DropIt says:

    Wow, Hemsky got robbed, the Oilers have been unlucky with open nets so far, still outplaying though

  25. Trogdor says:

    Too late… 3.5 hours at the medi center and not home in time for 3 3rd period goals. Dang. At least the doc doesn’t think I wrecked my ACL, could be the MCL though.

  26. steve-o at game says:

    Good game. Good fights. Powerplay wasn’t Mac T’s fault cause it was still shit. I hate the people sitting by me

  27. Racki says:

    Well, good game, but unfortunately Noob and I missed most of it because we spent most of the time in awe, snapping pics. David Staples (visit his blog on the blogroll, the Cult of Hockey) was kind enough to give out free tickets to anyone that replied on twitter. Noob replied quick enough. The tickets were BOX seats right around the Blue line or face off circle of the Oilers attack 2x zone. Beautiful seats and the best I’ve had yet, by far. Met David Staples as well, great guy and the three of us talked shop for a bit during the intermission.

    Thanks again to David for being kind enough to share the box with us peasant folk, and thanks to the Edmonton Journal as well.

  28. OilerTyler says:

    What box were you in Racki? I was up in 228, ushering (Its work, but I get paid to watch the Oilers play lol)

  29. Racki says:

    We were in 112. And yah, hell, work or not, it’s still cool you get to watch the games!

  30. Hockey Noob says:

    Hey Racki,

    Yeah it was great of David Staples to hook us up with those great tickets to the game. Props to David Staples and The Edmonton Journal!

    For those who didn’t notice, Souray broke the plexiglass not once but twice with his crazy slapshot.

    I got my first ‘seem him good’ look at Reddox tonight. He looked pretty quick in terms of skating speed, but to say that he lacks finish is an understatement.

    Tavares really didn’t do much that I noticed tonight.

    Eberle–he’s quite an impressive player to watch as he often looks dangerous in the offensive zone.

  31. Horpensky says:

    so it does pay to start a blog….. free hockey stuff! before you know it you guys will be getting free tickets to game 7 SCF!

  32. Racki says:

    Hah! To be honest, pretty much anyone had a crack at winning these tickets. Just had to contact Staples on his twitter, and be quick about it (which, thankfully, Noob was).

  33. gr8one says:

    blegh, I so jealous!!!

    yes, we have some awesome beaches in North Carolina, but FFS I can’t go to the games!!

    that was awesome how Souray broke that glass not once but twice.

  34. Racki says:

    Yah, that was crazy. He needs to dial it back a bit and hit the net though 😉

    And our beaches here are horrible, for the most part. I’d sometimes trade living here and catching games live in order to live somewhere where there are nice beaches, or some better scenery such as mountains. Edmonton can be pretty drab.

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