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By , September 7, 2009 1:00 pm


Note: Both Steve-O and Racki are away on vacation. We’ve left the ship on autopilot. So if some kick ass news happens like trading for Kovalchuk, pretend like you heard it here first, and pretend like this post still makes sense ๐Ÿ˜‰ Racki is back September 10th.

This is the fifth among a few recurring posts where I break down and discuss different parts of the Oilers and how I think they are going to perform this coming year, their strengths and weaknesses and where we could use some help. They are can be found here.

We are royally fuckered.

The PK forwards and D:


Seriously. Not good. Lets trade our other good face off center and possible PK’er for picks…and not replace him.

Three of the four forwards have experience. So long as Moreau and Pisani haven’t lost a step, they should be fine along with Horcoff.

Again, some experience on D.

It would be nice to have another center that could win a face off and know what to do in his own zone. That is a serious black hole on this team.

Could Use
See weaknesses. A FUCKING CENTER.

And Finally
WE NEED A CENTER. Unless Poo takes a massive step its not looking good.

6 Responses to “Break it down! – PK”

  1. chucker says:

    Well, maybe they are hoping Potulny can step up and make a difference. He does to be put on waivers if we try to send him down and he seems to be a two way type of guy. It does seem as though there is waaaaay to much being put on the possibility of Pouliot becoming a decent offensive guy who can win draws. Brule? I don’t even know what to think about his ability on the dot. I really don’t know if he’s up to it.

    Many Malhotra where are you now?

  2. OilerTyler says:

    I thought Visnovsky didn’t kill penalties, i could be wrong though.

  3. Horpensky says:

    Our biggest whipping boys two seasons ago: Marty Reasoner and Jarret Stoll. Reasoner was being replaced by Brodziak (who is gone now) and Stoll had a terrible season and was being pushed to third line duties by Gagner. Now it seems like both these faceoff/pk aces are being missed

  4. LateNightOilFan says:

    Well chucker, Malhotra (and Betts) are still floating around in UFA land….getting cheaper by the day I imagine.

    The PK scares me, I have visions of Horc being over-worked on the dot plus Habby’s pk sv% has been worse than Roli’s 3 of the last 4 years, including last year when CHI was a better team and 18th in team PK vs the Oilers 27th. So I guess our ability to improve the PK lies in the hands of the new coaches.

  5. chucker says:

    This is what concerns me to LNOF. Getting rid of Brodziak really didn’t make any sense to me at all. At least he was in training for the fourth line centreman position and doing fairly well. Now we’re starting from scratch.

    Also, yes it’s ironic that the whipping boys of a few years back are what this team now seems to need most although Stoll’s salary is ridiculous in my opinion. A bad PK will make Khabi not so good. Chicago had a great PK. *takes a tums*

  6. Mr.Majestyk says:

    I wonder if the strategy on the PK will change. I mean, there aren’t a whole lot of different strategies for PK, but I just mean we might try a bit more pressure on the puck, try and force some turnovers. We have players with speed that should be able to do this. Too bad Cogs can’t win a faceoff, he’s the ideal guy for this. How many breakaways would he get if he PK’d all year?

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