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By , September 10, 2009 8:00 am
I would brag about it...although I though he won it?

I would still brag about it win or lose...although I thought he won it?

Note: Both Steve-O and Racki are away on vacation. We’ve left the ship on autopilot. So if some kick ass news happens like trading for Kovalchuk, pretend like you heard it here first, and pretend like this post still makes sense 😉 Racki is back September 10th.

This is the last among a few recurring posts where I break down and discuss different parts of the Oilers and how I think they are going to perform this coming year, their strengths and weaknesses and where we could use some help. They are can be found here.

I’m not sold on Quinn. And I’ll admit I base that solely on what he did with the Brian Burke Maple Leafs™. I was rooting more for Renney based on what he did in NY, but I guess I can deal with what came.

I also had high expectations for Tambellini, and while for the most part am pleased, he seems to be pulling the same shit that Lowe pulled.

Quinn is supposedly a motivator and a players coach. He should get the most out of the players. Renney is a numbers/tactics guy (so I hear) so the players shouldn’t be running around with no idea what they should be doing (a la Laffs). Buchburger gives hope to all players that they may too have a future after the game they love.

Tambellini doesn’t do rash moves just for the sake of doing them, and he also stays quiet. He hasn’t called another teams draft picks busts prior to them lighting up the league either.

See Quinn’s leafs. And yes, my dislike of them is influencing my decision.

I don’t like how Tambellini is leaving weak spots on the team like Lowe used to do. I guess its not as easy as I think it is, but if Sather can get rid of Gomez surely Tambi can off load Staios and Moreau (I can’t believe I just said that!). Racki’s comment: seriously, if there is one guy I could see Steve-O sleeping with, it’s Ethan Moreau. Wow… man crush.

We need a face off/PKer, a backup goalie and a scorer and defensive d-man would be nice but I don’t see any movement on any of those. But that also just might be him keeping it quiet.

And Finally
I really don’t know. I’m going to bitch out and reserve my judgement for later.

I have high hopes though.

4 Responses to “Break it down! – Management/Coaching”

  1. Trogdor says:

    Well, Betts is headed for Flyers camp so take him off your wish list for team improvement. How was little Theo Fleury in the faceoff circle? He wouldn’t add any size to the team, but in his prime he thought he was the biggest guy in the league. We should bring him into camp if he’s reinstated. Maybe his passion and heart will rub off a little. We need more small man syndrome!

  2. Hockey Noob says:

    Trogdor, perhaps Theo Fleury could inspire the other–I hate to say it, but everyone’s already calling them Smurfs, how to play big… lol.

  3. chucker says:

    Or we could just sign Malhotra. Just a thought.

  4. Max Powers says:

    Aha! Malhotra, that’s it! Why didn’t anyone say this before? Noob you’d better get on your Elmo phone and give Tambi a ring.

    Seriously though, I’d like to hear Tambi comment on why we can’t bring in Malhotra or Betts, or someone similar. I mean come on, like Steve-O said if Sather can off-load Gomez Tambo can off-load some dead weight to get someone who fills needs. This is getting even more frustrating now that we’ve signed Comrie (I am warming up to the thought of him on the team though). I have a feeling Tambi is becoming a puppet or something.

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