A few small updates on the Oil

By , September 28, 2009 7:25 pm
One might think the "Pubis Whatever" and that thing above his lip are related, but not so..

One might think the "Pubis Whatever" and that thing above his lip are related, but not so..

Marc Pouliot

First off, Marc Pouliot will likely be placed on the IR for Osteitis Pubis or a “pubis whatever” as Pat Quinn eloquently put it. The Edmonton Journal has a write up on the situation with Pouliot.

A little bit of research shows that it looks like this can be one of those things that sticks around for a while, and has been known to occur within hockey players (Kevin Lowe being one of them, as the Journal mentioned). Lowe was able to return to the lineup within 3 games, but the most effective treatment for this is rest. So don’t expect to see him return to the lineup in any hurry. That will likely work to someone else’s favor that wouldn’t normally be on the line up (say Ryan Stone or Steve MacIntyre).

Fernando Pisani

Pisani reinjured his back again in practice. This nagging back problem kept him out of the lineup for 4 days last year, so don’t expect him to miss too much action.

Subtle line up hints

“We’re going to have a Jacques in the lineup, and we’re going to have a Stone probably in the lineup.”

While Quinn’s comment was very noncommittal on Ryan Stone, it does sound like Stone has won the attention of the coach, however. Expect to see him in the lineup at least until Marc Pouliot returns. I’d actually put him ahead of Nilsson right now on Quinn’s list.

So with the players expected to be on IR, don’t except any big shockers come Wednesday. Likely Liam Reddox will be the only player dropped to the Minors. Pisani and Pouliot will hit the IR, and MacIntyre and Nilsson will linger around until a decision needs to really be made (i.e. Pouliot and/or Pisani return).

So by my books, I think the opening lines will be:
JFJ Horcoff Hemsky
Penner O’Sullivan Comrie (not sure which one will center this line though)
Moreau Gagner Cogliano
Stone Brule Stortini

Souray Staios
Grebeshkov Gilbert
Smid Visnovsky


The only thing I could see is MacIntyre slotting into line 4 LW to have an extra thug in the lineup, however that doesn’t seem to be Quinn’s style.

Who’s Next?

Now what do they do when Pisani returns? Ideally, with Pisani back in the lineup they’re going to have to cut some salary. Any combination of the remaining players on the roster will fit under the salary cap, however if Tambellini is smart, he isn’t going to scrape through the year with ~ half a million in cap space.

Something’s got to give – take your pick of Robert Nilsson, Fernando Pisani, Ethan Moreau or Steve Staios. I know many of you would say to dump all 4, however logic says Robert Nilsson will be the guy moved. How they choose to do that remains to be seen. There isn’t a great sense of urgency to do this either, however I would hope that the team get it over with once one of the IR guys come back to the lineup (again, assuming Pouliot and Pisani go on the IR) rather than send someone who has to clear waivers down to Springfield. While waiver claims rarely happen at this point of the year, I wouldn’t want to see any assets lost for nothing. That said though, I believe Reddox will clear, and Stone would clear, should they be sent down. However…

Word is, Steve Tambellini is actively calling around looking for a trading partner for Liam Reddox, Steve MacIntyre, Robert Nilsson, Marc Pouliot or even Fernando Pisani. One would have to figure that he’s just looking to get something for any one of these guys just so he doesn’t have to lose a player for nothing. The Oilers brass feel that Liam Reddox is the next Pisani, so logically they are moving one or the other (not both), one would think. Marc Pouliot being thought of as available would make me think that the Oilers are willing to hand the 4th line center position over to Gilbert Brule. I’ll be honest, I’m not too excited to see Pisani go, because he is a key component of our penalty kill, but the PK (aside from last night) has looked a lot better.

With any hope, Tambellini will make this next cut quick and painless.

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  1. Mr.Majestyk says:

    Just a thought on Stone on the 4th line. Did he play 4th line during any of the preseason games? I know he had some success when he was playing with O’Sully and Comrie, but it will be interesting to see what he can do in the limited icetime he will see playing on the 4th.

  2. Racki says:

    Stone played with Nilsson and Brule against Tampa. I don’t think he was very memorable that game. I wouldn’t really expect too much for Stone, to be honest. Just to be clear, I mention him above in the lineup just because it seems that Quinn is very keen on him. I thought he had two really good games with Comrie/O’Sullivan, but I’m not so sure he’s going to be able to pull it off with other linemates.

    That said, Quinn will likely carry him on the lineup to see if he really can fit in with other linemates. Perhaps early on he might even get some time with Cogliano/Gagner.. who knows. But I’m pretty sure that Quinn will give Moreau that job first.

  3. chucker says:

    You’re right. I say drop ’em all!! 😛

    Realistically this won’t happen though. I’d bet on Pisani getting the most interest and on him being dealt for the reason you pointed out. i.e. Reddox is a younger, cheaper version of him. Cap space is needed. I can see Staios going fo the same reason. Nilsson I don’t know what the heck to think. I wonder what value he has in a trade, but it would be nice to see that money saved.

  4. chucker says:

    Sorry, I had an abrupt shutdown do to a data refresh…anyways, MacI is the guy I am really, really not sure about. I love the nasty factor and the scare factor for sure. Goddard, Hordichuk and the Boogey man are all reasons to justify his presence. I know Quinn knows how to use an enforcer and he likes them. What I’m not sure is if the additions of Stone and JFJ make him on the bubble to be gone, especially with Brennan in the system.

    It would be a very unpopular move to get rid of him over any other player I would speculate to say.

    The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to drop Pisani and Nilsson. It just makes it easier for salary and team toughness as well as giving our lines the balance we seem to have found. I love Pisani of his last healthy season and his PK, but I wouldn’t shed any tears to see him dealt.

  5. Racki says:

    Yah thats pretty much my thoughts on Pisani too. On one hand, I hope he stays with the team, just because he’s a likable guy who can score the odd clutch goal and is great on the PK. But on the other hand, he has a big contract and is going to likely struggle with health problems (not to be insensitive to that). I’d honestly say I’d be happy to see him traded, just because that means we’re freeing up some cash which could come in handy come trade deadline. But I’d also be perfectly fine if he was still here, so long as some other high salary player was moved.

    As for MacIntyre, yah he’s a tough call. What are your thoughts on Pouliot though? I would rather see MacIntyre stay here than Pouliot.. so if it came down to those two, I’d take Big Mac. Nilsson.. he would only be good to keep around for emergency purposes (i.e. injury). But at $2M, he’s really not worth hanging on to. Having Brennan would seem to make MacIntyre a bit more expendible, but I think Brennan was brought in specifically for some toughness on Springfield.. so I wouldn’t think they’d want to lose him. But come to think of it, I think they picked up a few bigger guys this year including some 6’8 mammoth. Not sure if he is still on the Falcons or not though.

  6. Steve-O says:

    On 630 CHED this morning the sports dude said that the Oilers are currently over the cap and need to make some decisions by tomorrow morning.

    I wonder if thats just Reddox being up here still though putting us 200k over?

    Everyone likes to say that Quinn doesn’t like the goon, or one dimensional fighter but I recall him having Belak on his team for a long time with no problems (maybe just a lack of talent on the laffs) and Domi too. Some people may say Domi can play too but I call bullshit on that. (Go Probert!)

    We will regret losing Poo, Nilsson and MacIntyre should any of them be shown the door.

    Trading Pisani or Staios would be great, ideally for picks, but is there really a team that wants them? Take off the homer glasses and are they as steady and dependable as we see them or just overpaid relics that the Dipshit screwed up on (and I know which way other fans think).

    And no to Moreau…dude can still play. I understand its cool to hate on him now, but outside of a few stupid penalties the dude has value and can play

  7. Racki says:

    As far as the salary cap, if you calculate it all on cap geek or check nhlnumbers or nhlscap, we’re still fine because of the bonus cushion. However, it looks like that 7.5% bonus cushion is gone now, since we are in the final year of the new CBA. So in short, that sounds like it does spell trouble for us. I kind of wonder why capgeek and other sites haven’t updated their info (I think I’ll e-mail one of their admins and ask). But if that is true, that I’m thinking we are over by more than $1.5M, which is quite a significant amount. And that’s with a 23 man roster. So that means someone like Nilsson is gone, and probably another high priced guy.

    As far as trading Poo, Nilsson or MacIntyre and regretting it… I think Nilsson has the best shot at making us kick ourselves for trading him. The other two, we already know what their upsides are. And you know I don’t share your enthusiasm with the guy nicknamed after part of my morning routine.

    As for Moreau, I’d like to see one of Moreau or Pisani stay. I know each of them still have more in the gas tank. But who I’d take? Well, at their best, I’d take Moreau over Pisani hands down. But Moreau really needs to step it up. Hopefully it was just the injury slowing him down in pre-season.

    Staios really should have been dumped for a cheaper option this year (I was banging the Boynton drum all off-season). We still don’t have anyone that can replace him yet. I know Quinn tried to test out Smid on the top pairing, but I don’t think he liked that too much. And I don’t think he’s much of a fan of Strudwick either.

    Hopefully Tambellini is working the phones.. we have a few guys who need to be moved. I’m not opposed to seeing them on waivers either. But in a case of Staios, we need someone brought in to replace him (thats something that should be done anyway, regardless of cap problem).

  8. chucker says:

    I guess my decision about Pouliot is dependent on how Brule plays. A good Brule makes Pouliot not needed as much as O’Sullivan and Comrie are good centremen. Pouliot seems like the odd man out.

    I do think Quinn likes having the Big Mac on the squad. He’s always had a couple goons and knows how to play them. Nilsson I would expect to play well if traded because he won’t be playing with two other smurfs. We don’t have the depth to isolate him with other players that make his skillset come out consistently. That’s whay Schremp got cut.

    As far as Pisani, Moreau and Staios go, I’d think Pisani is likely the guy moving. Moreau is big and he is the captain, so that may save him from being traded. Staios I really don’t see having any trade value. Guys like Randy Jones are being waived. There will be lots of players better than Staios waived in the next couple days/weeks. I doubt there would be any takers out there, but hopefully I’m wrong.

    I still don’t understand why we signed Struds other than the fact he lives here and is a good guy. I was hoping it would be to replace Staios as a true no.6/7 guy and move Staios in the off season, but that salary is brutal. I don’t see Tambi/Lowe having the balls to waive him either. The fans might get upset and I really feel they make too many decisions based on perception than hockey reality. I guess we’ll know by tomorrow.

  9. Antony Ta says:

    This reminds me of Tjarnqvist’s pubic bone inflamation.

    Sometimes I wonder if these strange genitalia-related injuries are the Oilers way of putting guys on IR until they get a clue on how to build the roster.

  10. chucker says:

    Antony Ta: This reminds me of Tjarnqvist’s pubic bone inflamation.Sometimes I wonder if these strange genitalia-related injuries are the Oilers way of putting guys on IR until they get a clue on how to build the roster.

    It’s exactly the same as Tjanqvist’s injury. It’s an inflamation of the Pubic symphysis which is a ligament that basically holds you pelvis together. It’s usually an repetative strain injury related to groin muscle insertions. It’s supposed to be very painful.

    I know, lots of jokes here. :)

  11. Hockey Noob says:

    Rob Schremp hockey lives!!! The Islanders picked up the last Schremp left on the plate!

    Liam Reddox has been waived as per Dan Tencer’s twitter.

    Anthony, the down side is that with short-term injuries, they still count against the cap.

  12. Trogdor says:

    I’m just firing up a post about this now. Not much more than you’ve said already though.

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