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By , August 29, 2009 10:28 am
An unidentified man finds out that Hilary Duff won't likely be coming to E-Town

An unidentified man finds out that Hilary Duff won't likely be coming to E-Town

Edmonton Journal writer Jim Matheson had a whack of interesting updates for us this morning. Here’s the highlights:

  • An “informed” source says that there is no way the Oilers are interested in Mike Comrie: “It ain’t happening … he ain’t coming here. Mike doesn’t fit any need that we have right now.” (I have to agree on the 2nd statement)
  • Matheson doesn’t feel the Oilers are making a pitch for Phil Kessel either. Plus, the Bruins would only move him to free up cap space, something we have very little of.
  • The Oilers have hired a new video coach (formerly Brian Ross) in Mitchell Fee. This is part of the Rangers/Renney connection, as Fee was formerly with the Rangers.
  • Matheson speculates this years top line LW will either be Andrew Cogliano or Patrick O’Sullivan and Dustin Penner will return to the 3rd line. Too bad, if that’s the case, because I’d rather see Penner on line 2 opening up ice for the kids.
  • Rob Schremp still remains unsigned. The reported reason for this is Schremp would like more money to play in the AHL (and before anyone jumps on that, I can’t say I blame him.. at least he’s willing to play there, if he gets sent back down).
  • he Springfield Falcons have signed enforcer Kip Brennan to a Minor League deal.

10 Responses to “Updates from Jim Matheson”

  1. Mr.Majestyk says:

    If Penner is moved to 3rd line LW, does that mean Moreau becomes a 4th liner?

  2. Racki says:

    Well, I’ve heard talk of Penner being moved to right wing, but I wouldn’t move Pisani from that spot at all. I’ve also thought that Penner could make a good guy on the dot (but there are questions on whether he has the foot speed for such defensive responsibility). But I would say it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Moreau winds up on the fourth line.

    Myself, I’m actually hoping for it. I just think he’s better suited to the style of play Stortini plays. A Moreau Brule Stortini line would be awesome, no??

    I’d also really like to see Penner on line 2.

    I would go with something along the lines of:
    O’Sullivan Horcoff Hemsky
    Cogliano Gagner Penner
    ??? Pouliot Pisani
    Moreau Brule Stortini

    As far as the “???” I’m not sure who should go there. This line has potential to swing either way, as Pisani is a decent two-way player, but not that offensively gifted (05/06 playoffs, aside). Pouliot is also a fair two-way player, but not overly gifted at either end. Both of those guys though have a good “shoot first” mentality. So do you throw in a playmaker like a Nilsson or a Schremp? I’d say so, myself. There’s been a lot of talk from the Comrie rumor of rolling more scoring lines. I think that third line could be a good hybrid without being too defensive-minded to score, or too offensive-minded to not get lit up.

    At any rate, long-winded answer… but I’d love to see Moreau on line 4. Not because I don’t like him (I do like him). But because I think those two guys are a perfect match for his energy and play style.

  3. Max Powers says:

    So if an informed source says there’s no way Comrie is coming here and Tencer, who is an informed source, makes it sound like there is talks of him coming here… well which is it? God I hope he doesn’t come here, what a waste of cap space and a roster spot that would be.

  4. Max Powers says:

    Oh, and nice caption BTW. Made me laugh.

  5. Racki says:

    Yah I agree with your sentiment, Max (about it being a waste). I would tend to believe Tencer in this case though, just because Matheson’s source just seems like he’s saying “I don’t believe it because…” moreso than actually stating fact. But I’m hoping we don’t see Comrie back.

  6. Hockey Noob says:

    Racki, how did you get that picture of me, lol? Just kidding of course, but that’s how i felt today.

    I am not sold on Penner on the third line either. Right now, Horpensky (the line, not the guy who comments on this blog), is probably still our best choice for the first line. Yeah, Penner used to play center and he’s better than most of our alternatives at taking draws. At the very least, he adds much needed size if not grit to either one of our top two lines.

  7. Racki says:

    I know I’m crazy for saying it, but unless someone else gets brought in here, our top six desperately needs Dustin Penner. Both the first and second line could use his size. He doesn’t use it anywhere often enough when it comes to hitting people, but when it comes to handling the puck, he’s generally pretty good with that. I think he’ll be a bit better this year too, with at least one monkey off his back.

  8. OilerTyler says:

    Penner won’t be on the 3rd line for long, i expect him to explode offensively. I think Penner will probably consider the firing of MacT a fresh start for him, and i hope he takes advantage of it.

  9. chucker says:

    I fail to see the advantage of Penner on the 3rd line. We brought him here to score, and when put in the right position, he does. He’s not Kovie, but he’s still in our top three offensive threats. Last year was a debaucle of monstrous proportions by puttin him on the third without PP time. MacTard put him back after 35+ games and OMFG he did what he has in the past.

    As for Moreau on the fourth line, I’m with Racki here. I’d love to see it, and really, that’s what he was brought here to do and that’s his best role. Bang, crash and fight. Brule has the speed and Storts has some jam. I think it would likely be the best fourth line since the departure of that guy on the Flames.

  10. Racki says:

    Yah I can’t see Penner on line 3 unless we slap another scoring line together. And quite frankly, Moreau and Pisani I wouldn’t consider part of any scoring line. So it’d have to be a fair bit more inventive than that for it to make any sense.

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