Oilers Announce Rookie Camp/Tourney

By , August 26, 2009 5:44 pm
Rookie camp starts September 6th

Rookie camp starts September 6th

Today the Oilers announced the 2009 Edmonton Oilers Rookie Camp and Tournament.

The camp runs from September 6th to 11th, and the roster of 26 is listed below. The tournament will include the Edmonton Oilers listed below, as well as the Vancouver Canucks rookies, and the University of Alberta Golden Bears. The tournament starts September 9th with the Golden Bears facing the Canucks rookies at Clare Drake Arena. The second game is September 10th where the Oilers rookies will host the Canucks rookies at Sobey’s Arena in the Leduc Recreation Centre. The tournament concludes September 11th with the Golden Bears taking on the Oilers rookies at Clare Drake Arena. All games have 7:00 PM start times and tickets go on sale at 10:00 AM this Thursday through Ticketmaster.

Further details are on the Edmonton Oiler Homepage. Oilers rookie roster listed below.

Rookie Camp Roster

# PlayerPos
53Cameron AbneyRW
86R.J. AndersonD
75Jamie BatesRW
55Jordan BendfeldD
74Dalibor BortnakC
59Brett BreitkreuzLW
87Michael BurnsRW
23Philippe CornetLW
82Jesse DudasD
14Jordan EberleRW
73Burke GallimoreRW
65Dmitry KostromitinD
79Kris LazarukG
72Jeff LeeLW
29Johan MotinD
52Kurtis MuchaG
63Stepan NovotnyRW
60Andrew PeruginiG
48Alex PlanteD
50Bryan PittonG
70Torrie JungG
64Milan KytnarC
66Dalton ProutD
51Toni RajalaRW
30Olivier RoyG
76Adrian Van de Mosselaer D

In other Oil-related news, the Oilers also announced that tickets for pre-season games have gone on sale.

16 Responses to “Oilers Announce Rookie Camp/Tourney”

  1. OilerTyler says:

    Rajala is in North America?

    Does this mean he will be playing for Springfield next year?

  2. Racki says:

    Actually I didn’t notice Tony Rajala was on the list. That’s actually a bit confusing, because last I heard, he suffered what was originally described as a bad looking knee injury. It turned out to be not as bad as expected, but he was expected to be out for at least a month. And this was just earlier this month. So I don’t know if he’ll be ready in time for this camp. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to invite him, either way.

    It would really be nice to have a look at him. If I recall, when he was interviewed earlier, he really sounded like he wanted to come play in North America. So yes, he would be on the Falcons. Would that be awesome, or what? I think we’ll have a much improved team this year, in Springfield. But there definitely was a LOT of room for improvement…

    edit: Actually, I just found an update on Rajala that says he’s not expected to skate at the training camp, despite being invited. Also, it looks as though he will be playing for the Brandon Wheat Kings next year, as he was drafted by them this year.

  3. Steve-O says:


    I am happy they have him in camp just being a fan of the Oil Kings…he carried that team some games.

    Got in to a few scraps too

  4. Steve-O says:

    Oh, and that picture looks like its a bunch of 5 year olds playing with a miniature net

  5. Racki says:

    The Pipeline Show (Dean Millard/Guy Flaming) did some write up on Burke Gallimore too, saying that it was a surprise that he went undrafted. The Oil could sign him if he impresses at camp. He played in the dub this year for the Saskatoon blades. He’s an Edmontonian, listed at 6’0, 199lbs and had some pretty nice rookie stats at 26G, 27A, 53pts, +26.

    The Oilers will have a small window of opportunity to claim his rights after he attends their camp by signing him to an entry level deal. Sounds crazy but considering the entry level deal doesn’t hit the books until his WHL days are done, it’s basically like drafting him in September. Detroit did it with Brent Raedeke last year and the Vancouver Canucks recently did it with Kellan Tochkin after their prospect camp this summer.

  6. Racki says:

    Steve-O: Oh, and that picture looks like its a bunch of 5 year olds playing with a miniature net

    I think that’s actually a picture of a bubble hockey game. Speaking of which, I should tell Dave how my old job used to have an awesome bubble hockey game…..

  7. Steve-O says:

    If your looking for some bubble hockey, me and the boys have some legendary games at Wooley Booley’s (spelling?) on Whyte whenever we tend to get our drink on down there

  8. chucker says:

    I’m hoping we sign Jung out of this. Also, as Racki said, Rajala is expected to play in Brandon. I’m also hoping Kytnar can make the jump this year and do something good in Springfield. His two way game was amazing at the time we drafted him. Hopefully he is ready to do something this year.

  9. LateNightOilFan says:

    Congrats on the new blog Racki, nice to see some familiar names here as I’m not too impressed with the new Oilers board so far and looks like some folks have left there or aren’t posting as often.

    Re the rookie camp, I’m hoping with a Sept 6th start date that I will still get to see Roy play in Halifax against the Mooseheads in their pre-season game against CB on Sept 4th. If I do I will report back! He has really impressed me in the Q so far and I’m looking forward to watching him more closely whenever the Screaming Eagles come to town this season. I was really happy the Oilers drafted him.

  10. Racki says:

    LNOF: Hey, good to see you here. :) Thanks fro the compliments. It’s a joint effort between myself, Steve-O (posts articles here) and Trogdor (posts comics here).

    I definitely agree with you on the new Oil board. Tough to use, is how I’d describe it. Or maybe tough to want to use. 😆

    Good call on Roy! I forgot he would be invited to this thing. I should have taken a closer look at the roster 😉 I’m excited to see how he does, although not expecting too much yet. And for sure, I’d like to hear how he does for the Screaming Eagles this year. I’m not sure how the scheduling works in the Q… how many times will the Screaming Eagles play the Mooseheads this year?

  11. LateNightOilFan says:

    Hey no prob – and congrats to Steve-O & Trogdor as well.

    CB & Hfx play 8 times in the regular season – pretty intense rivalry too with 2 teams in the same province. However, I won’t see them in Hfx until Dec 30, then a game in Jan and 2 games in Feb. They play 3 games before that, but in CB. That’s why I want to see him in pre-season action in Sept b/c after that it’s almost a 4 month wait until they are back in Hfx.

  12. Puritania says:

    I hope the games get streamed live on the Oil website like they did last year. The hockey withdrawl is killing me, I can’t wait any longer!

  13. Racki says:

    Yah I hear ya… and it was great getting to see those games on the net, even if it took quite a while for them to sort out their feed issues.

  14. Puritania says:

    yeah it was a total blast, the frenzied masses screaming bloody murder over the shit feed was pretty amusing as well. I’m sure they learned a lot from that experience and hopefully if they do it again the feed will be much better.

  15. Racki says:

    Yah, but getting mad at a free feed served by some guy who wasn’t obligated to feed the thing to begin with didn’t make sense. Mob mentality at work..

    I was just happy being able to watch it at all, as bad as it was at points.

  16. Puritania says:

    yeah no doubt, heres hoping they do it again, *fingers crossed*

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