Oilers offer Mike Comrie a $1.3M deal?

By , August 27, 2009 8:38 pm


UPDATE: From Dan Tencer’s twitter: “Oilers management has consulted at least one member of the veteran leadership group regarding Mike Comrie. It’s appears to be serious. Also, I’m told that Comrie is fully on board with a return to Edmonton.” Like it or not, this thing has legs.

Oilersnation has a post up about the Oilers offering Mike Comrie a contract (reportedly worth $1.3M). Dan Tencer says they “have not signed Comrie but I’m led to believe that it’s not out of the realm of possibility.”

This could be just one of those “my best friends friend heard from a guy who once went to school with this guy that new Comrie” rumors, but the writer on Oilersnation (Wanye Gretz) seems to think it’s true. Lowetide also has a post up about the rumor.

Anyways, let the speculation begin.

Thoughts? Good way to make Edmonton look less like Siberia? Or a waste of time since he’s not what this team needs?

30 Responses to “Oilers offer Mike Comrie a $1.3M deal?”

  1. Hockey Noob says:

    My thoughts on this issue? Hillary Duff’s pretty hot. That’s it.

  2. Racki says:

    lol.. you’d get along with Steve-O… all I heard from him this afternoon is “Hilary is coming to town” and “Does my hair look good?”. I mean…. seriously.

    As for Comrie, I didn’t have time for comments before, but I’m not a big fan of the idea. Not because of my Comrie-hate. But because I don’t see how he really helps the team. Although as far as my Comrie-hate, it’s starting to fade, as I’m starting to wonder if all those rumors about him were really true at all and if I blame him for wanting out of this pressure cooker.

    But anyways, you kind of have o wonder why he’d come back. The only reason this would be good for the Oilers though is that it might go a long ways in erasing some of the negative thoughts that (may) exist about Edmonton.

    Who here would welcome him with open arms? Who’d keep booing him? I wouldn’t boo. But like I said, I’m not sure how he’d really fit in on this team anymore.

  3. Horpensky says:

    Like you I don’t really want him not because I hate him, but because he doesn’t bring much anymore. It might be more of pity that he can’t find a job, and he’s begging Lowe/Tambo for one.

  4. Trogdor says:

    So you did decide to post about this after all. Well, I guess it is news and gives us something to talk about as we get ever closer to hitting the ice again. I’m not sure where he’d fit in with our current lot though. Don’t know if I’d call him a savvy veteran and he definitely doesn’t bring any size or grit to the table.

    But on the plus side, there is the Duff factor, and all those people who made man sized diapers to mock Comrie are glad they didn’t throw them away.

    And I don’t recall Steve-O checking his hair.

  5. Hockey Noob says:

    Hey Racki, Steve-O sounds like he’s got good taste, lol. Other than the main post on Oilers Nation and some dude’s twitter account, I haven’t seen any updates on this. It seems doubtful at this point which is actually a good thing for the Oilers–not so good about Hillary Duff though.

    When I first read about this rumor I had to make sure that it wasn’t April Fool’s Day, lol. I have a friend who’s a former Oiler and he didn’t know anything about this. Comrie would be a decent gamble at $1.3 million, but we’d have to see some other trades occur to balance out our roster.

    There are certainly a fair number of fans that seem like they’re absolutely dying to see some roster changes. I admit that I am one of them, lol. Lowetide pretty much said it best as usual:


    “HBomb: There’s so much “if” on the roster. I can get behind Gagner’s future and am a Cogliano fan, but lordy this team is like a jigsaw with a couple of pieces missing. I can make a nice top 6 (Horc line and the kid line) but it’s too small.

    I can make a nice, veteran top 6 (Horocff-O’Sullivan-Pisani and then Gagner-Penner-Hemsky) but then one of the table legs on the bottom 6 falls off..”

  6. Racki says:

    Trogdor: well if he had hair, I’m sure he would be checking it. Point is, he was all ga-ga over the concept of Duff hanging out in E-town. Not that I blame him.

    Noob: I am one of those fans that falls into the category of wanting some changes too 😉 But can you blame us all? The Oil stunk the joint up last year, and aside from a lateral goaltending change (arguably) and a coaching change (which apppparrrrently wasn’t the problem – where’s my eyeroll emote), we’re the same team. And well, same shitty team… same shitty results?

    In all honesty though, as much as I moan and whine about wanting to see some change, I think the new coaching staff (and what looks to be a boost in morale for the team because of that) will do wonders for this team. I can somewhat understand Tambellini’s patience, although as we’ve said time and time again, gotta wonder why he hasn’t made those small fixes (like the checker/faceoff guy… have I beat that dead horse enough?)

  7. Scarriere says:

    I agree completely with Racki’s 11:45 post. The western conference is big now and we’re small. In the 90’s we were the biggest, now not even close. After Stortini got here, Hemmer’s forearms aren’t beat on so much now, but we need more. Yes, f/o, checker, but also big guys to retrieve pucks in the corners. With the lack of face-off, we’re gonna need people willing to battle and that may be difficult if we’re out-sized.
    I don’t see Comrie,nothing against him, as a piece of the puzzle.

  8. Horpensky says:

    Remember at the same time last year with pretty much this same roster on paper, we all thought we were going to be a playoff team, and even contend for the division. And now we have the same team, plus an upgrade in the coaching staff over last season, and everyone acts like we’re going to be in the top 5 picks.

    I think the mentality is roster change = good team. The season before we made some massive changes, mainly getting Lubo and Cole, and everyone thought those two would propel us to the top. Now this season we rarely change, and people whine, cry, and bitch that we haven’t made any moves and we’re going to suck.

    I’d say let Tambo evaluate this team as the season goes, and make roster changes during the year to see who fits and who’s dead weight. This team hasn’t even played a single game under the new coaches, so we have no idea who’s surefire going to fit well.

  9. Racki says:

    Ya Horpensky, I can agree with that, to an extent. Tambellini did say this team was going to get bigger though, and so far we’ve cut a 6’2″ 210lber (not that he plays that way, mind you), and brought no one else in. But I’m optimistic about our offense, for the most part. I think Quinn will do wonders for that. Defensively though (and this is where I think we have an EASY option for improvement) I am not so optimistic. We had a coaching staff here that was known for being great defensive minds, but still this team was pretty poor in their own zone last year.

    So unless we’re going back to firewagon hockey, I’d like to have seen Tambellini make a move for the guys that have been mentioned countless time on every blog/forum/Oil-related site enough times.

    I am fairly confident in this team all across the board, but I think there are some obvious areas for improvement. Why not fix them now when you have a cheap solution? There is a slim amount of pts. separating 8th and 9th every year, so every win counts. After a year of catastrophe, we’re still feeling things out and evaluating? I thought that was what Tambi said he was doing last season.

    This all said though, I’m actually going to be more patient than I may sound (and well, I’ll always support this team anyways). I think our new coaching staff makes a big difference. But again, there are some obvious ways to help them along 😉

  10. Racki says:

    Scarriere: I agree completely with Racki’s 11:45 post. The western conference is big now and we’re small. In the 90’s we were the biggest, now not even close. After Stortini got here, Hemmer’s forearms aren’t beat on so much now, but we need more. Yes, f/o, checker, but also big guys to retrieve pucks in the corners. With the lack of face-off, we’re gonna need people willing to battle and that may be difficult if we’re out-sized.
    I don’t see Comrie,nothing against him, as a piece of the puzzle.

    Yah that pretty much echoes my sentiments. Nothing against Mike Comrie, but how does some who is 6 feet, negative 3 inches and 185lbs (with his equipment on) relate to adding size to this team. If the Oilers really did offer him a contract, then that kind of wreaks a bit of Katz’s involvement. There isn’t a player in the top six (save for Nilsson, and I consider him a borderline top-sixer with our current lineup) I’d remove for Comrie’s sake.

  11. Racki says:

    Horpensky: one more comment too….

    I personally don’t think the Oilers are going to be fighting for the top 5 pick this year regardless of what moves they make now. However, I also don’t think they’re a slam dunk for the playoffs this year either. Good teams out there do what they can to make their teams contenders. We seem to frequently be satisfied with being good enough to fight for a playoff spot. What ends up happening in this case is we either struggle to make it in, or we end up missing the playoffs and are stuck with a mediocre pick. Neither of those situations are good. Why not give your team the best possible fighting chance here and sign some quality role players? I understand your bleeding faith towards the Oil (and I too love this team, good or bad), but there’s nothing wrong with letting the team know that you’d like to see them put a more honest effort into making this team a stronger contender.

  12. Hockey Noob says:

    Horpensky, on the one hand I see where you’re coming from, I think, and I’m a homer too, so I always try to remain optimistic and patient. I am perfectly on board with being patient with the team and Tambi as well. However, as Racki noted when someone says something like say, “the team’s going to get bigger and tougher”(approximate quote), then I am going to hold them to it–especially if it makes sense.

    Though there are whiners that cry because we don’t have a Kovalchuk or some other superstar player, I am not one of them. Again though, there’s some obvious deficiencies on our roster that should be easy to fix starting with a cheap 3c/faceoff/pker as many have beat this issue to death already.

  13. Racki says:

    Noob: exactly what I’m getting at. And it makes it even more painful when I see these other teams in our division getting better. On that note, the Canucks signed Mathieu Schneider and picked up Christian Erhoff and Brad Lukowich. Meanwhile, Tambellini signed the back of his new credit card he received in the mail.. that he probably doesn’t use. lol

    Btw, I’m not crying or anything here. But this “wait and see” attitude is a good way to lose a good 10 pts in the early goings of the season. Let’s stop half-assing it for once.

  14. Horpensky says:

    Yeah Gillis and Keenan are able to make massive roster changes pretty drastically. Even Montreal did that too this past season. I do understand the need to fill that 3c/faceoff/pker guy and how easy it should be and that I don’t understand what’s going on.

    However, I do hope Tambo doesn’t wait until trade deadline to make some moves. I’m hoping after even 5 games he’ll start seeing who doesn’t belong on the top 6 (we have like 7 or 8 guys playing for those spots) and start swapping/waiving people to fill holes immediately.

    I know it’s a good way to lose 10 points early on, but if he can use those first few games as evaluation, then it will help for the rest of the 75 games if he can make a quality deal, not just “lets make a deal for the hell of it without seeing anyone play yet”. Even the pre-season games should give him a good idea, and we might see a few trades during that time.

  15. Racki says:

    Horpensky: I think many of us would agree that making deals for the sake of it is bad (which is partly why in no way do I support the idea of acquiring Comrie). But I do think (as you seem to realize) that those obvious holes such as the 3rd line center aren’t going to fix themselves on their own. But hey, I have been wrong many times before and don’t mind being proven wrong either (so long as it works for the good of the team!).

    I wouldn’t touch a thing in our top six, and would hesitiate to do anything with the d-men. It’s just down the middle that bothers me.

    Eff it, I’ll say it again even though I’m like a broken record.. Blair Betts is 6’3, 210lbs, is an energy guy, is close to 50% on the draw, is a superb defensive player, will sign for dirt, is an Edmontonian…. why the hell don’t the Oilers want him? He addresses a bundle of needs all in one cheap package. Ungh. I don’t get this organization sometimes. If they sign Comrie, I’ll be pretty choked. Not that this will do anything, cause I’ll still watch every single game this year. lol Butttttt I’ll be choked! 😛

  16. Racki says:

    New update posted at the top of this page… sounds like this rumor has legs.. big time.

  17. Hockey Noob says:

    If this Comrie rumor does have legs, we can only hope that there’s something else behind it. I really don’t think that Tambi would sign Comrie without some plan to make some other moves, but who knows? My gut feeling is that something else will happen along with that potential signing.

  18. Racki says:

    Yah, I still don’t understand why we’d want Comrie here other than for PR reasons. Seems a little odd.

  19. Horpensky says:

    Everybody wins…. we get good PR, Comrie gets a job (last chance too), and he has to play his butt off or else nobody will want him next season…. but if he fails then we lose

  20. NorwegianOiler says:

    Hehehe, this seems to rattle the cages of Siberia, at the very least! Back in the day I was a huge Comrie fan – and I haven’t been as much of a hater as a lot of fans have, more so a non-carer 😛

    What would a Comrie-return mean?
    – That we “get smaller”?
    – That the team will have more pressure and negative attention?
    – That we’re moving someone else out?
    – That we’re going with 4 second lines?

    I’ll wait and see with this one…can’t believe the Oilers are 1) interested in bringing in someone who clearly is what we have enough of already and 2) bold enough to bring back someone who ran and was run out of town like Comrie was.

  21. Racki says:

    Yah N.O., it’s definitely an oddity. On one hand, I do have some faith in our fans to put their differences with Comrie behind them. But you hit the nail on the head when you said he was “someone who clearly is what we have enough of already”. Also, stand by for an update on the Comrie situation. Someone broke one of the legs this rumor had… 😆

  22. Bostonoiler says:

    I like the move. I know there is sometihng else behind it, maybe Heatley or Kessel, but something will happen.

  23. Racki says:

    Give up on Heatley, my friend.. that ship sailed long ago. But I just posted another update from Jim Matheson who has a source that says we’re not really after Comrie… and likely not after Kessel either. Sorry to destroy your Saturday morning all in one comment, btw. lol

  24. Bostonoiler says:

    Sorry Racki, but I can tell you that Kessel to Edmonton is VERY possible. I have a friend in the Bruins organization, and he told me that Kessel is not coming back, and that the Oilers were really going hard after him. Every where I read has said that the Oilers are going hard after Comrie, and that it would pave the way for another move. Heatley I highly doubt is coming here, but with no other teams stepping up, we can never say never. I think that Steve Staios is as good as gone, his contract is horrible, and lets face it, he is not that good. I think the Oilers are about to make a move, think what you think, but a move is coming, I feel it. and I don’t like Jim Matheson lmao, something about him lol.

  25. Racki says:

    Well, it’s not impossible, but it’ll take some hefty salary dump in order to fit Kessel in here. Quite frankly though, I would love Kessel.. I’m sure you know that. But he’ll probably cost between 4 and 5 million. That’ll take dumping someone like Nilsson, and then more. As far as Staios, everyone is quick to dump him. Quite frankly, you’re right that his contract is not very good. However, we still don’t have a guy who can play the tough minutes against the tough opponents and come out not too bad.

    Believe it or not, Souray and Staios were actually a lot better together than most people give them credit for. They only allowed 0.627 GA while on ice, per 20 minutes of ice time. That’s the lowest of our pairings. However, Grebs and Lubo also make probably our best pairing when you’re looking at goals differential / 20 mins of ice time (i.e. the number of goals their line scores minus goals they allow). They don’t face quite as tough of competition, however. But they might be close to being our top pairing, especially if Staios is gone.

    All in all, I wouldn’t say Kessel will never happen, but it’s unlikely still. It seems funny that the source in Boston says we’re all over Kessel, but no one here says the same thing. But I would for sure welcome Kessel to E-town.

  26. Hockey Noob says:

    Good to hear from Boston O! Yeah, I think that one of the obvious problems with hockey trade rumors is that there’s a huge gap between a team like the Oilers being interested in Kessel (hard not to be, lol) and perhaps having some discussion with Boston, then actually signing him. This is especially so since there would be some big salary cap issues involved to be able to do this deal.

  27. Haboiler says:

    I would love to have Kessel here but a secondary deal for salary dump would probably need to happen …. could be Penner (I hope not), Souray (ditto), O’Sullivan (better than giving up Cogs), Gilbert (not a good thing), Nillson(please) or Staios (please). Penner needs to be given an opportunity to fail/succeed with this new coaching group. Quinn will be patient to an extent.


    That 3rd line could be a good hybrid line for sure….

  28. Racki says:

    I agree on your thoughts about not wanting to give up Penner. He has been a factor, even when not specifically scoring. But I think this year he will find his goal-scoring game again, however.

  29. Hockey Noob says:

    Steve-O, go comb your hair dude, it sounds like Hillary is coming to town after all!

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