I Willingly Want This?

By , August 11, 2009 6:03 pm
Guess which one is the Oilers and which one is the ticket buyer

Guess which one is the Oilers and which one is the ticket buyer

Its now mini pack time. Since I was poor prior to the lock out and refuse to give them money for the privilege of being on their season tickets waiting list now I get to decide on which mini pack that I want to shell out all of my money for. At least as a previous mini pack holder I don’t have to wade through half the shit that those poor lottery winners do.

And it might just be me but all of the mini packs suck this year. And expensive. Holy Fuck. I don’t remember paying this kind of scratch before the lock out.

The three game packs are basically one good game, one possibly mediocre game and then the one that you are willing to give to someone else (Of course its a gift…you are thoughtful after all). And all for the cheap price of $200 and north (approx. after Ticketmaster gives you the anal stab too).

The Oil Kings throw in is good though. I like me some dub hockey.

The six game packs are no better either. At most 2 interesting games and then four more that make you wonder what your spending your money on. And all of this for only $300 and up.

I guess they need to sell out the shit games too.

Which pack would you get? I’m leaning towards the Caps game because I like Ovechkin, but the last time he came the game blew. He did sweet F all. Maybe the Laffs or Habs pack because I can sell those tickets to some asshat for 10 times the list price. It’s looking like thats the only way I pick up tickets this year.

Side Note: Do not google image search for rubber gloves while at work. Not safe for work at all. The more you know…

4 Responses to “I Willingly Want This?”

  1. Bostonoiler says:

    It could be worse. Here in Boston, they took away mini packs, and single game tickets are close to impossible to get now that they haven’t sucked in two years.

  2. Racki says:

    One guy on the Oilers’ forum brought up that the tickets as a package are actually more expensive than if you would buy the tickets individually. I guess you pay a premium on actually being able to get tickets. Booo.

    But yah Boston, actually being able to buy tickets is a bit of a plus. lol

  3. Steve-O says:

    I remember the good ol’ days before the lockout where you could get tickets for any game on gameday at the doors.

    Stupid lockout reminding people what they were missing.

  4. jeanshorts says:

    Haha. Fuck. I like this place. Keep up the good work boys.
    And sick name/motto. GORDIE!

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