I got some tickets! I got some tickets!

By , August 19, 2009 2:11 pm
I'm just picturing all your heads collectively exploding

I'm just picturing all your heads collectively exploding

So I picked up my mini pack Tuesday afternoon. 2 seats to the 3 game pack with the Caps, Flyers and Kings. I had to get the gallery because the colonnade was sold out for my group already.

What did you get?

Update: Just bought a 6 game pack too. The one with the Islanders.

12 Responses to “I got some tickets! I got some tickets!”

  1. Racki says:

    Your post title reminds me of the scene from The Jerk where Steve Martin freaks out over his new phone books arriving (“The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!”). Anyways, is that Christie Chorley? 😐

  2. gr8one says:

    Racki: Anyways, is that Christie Chorley?


  3. Samus says:

    Why? Why did you have to put up a picture with that bitch in it? It’s bad enough they’re with the cup. :(

  4. Racki says:

    In all fairness, that could be any one of Pronger’s “bitches”. πŸ˜†

  5. Max Powers says:

    section 110, row 3, seats 13, 14 for the canadiens, rangers, and blues. Anyone know if these seats are any good? I bet I just paid 1000$ for the seats right behind the goal judge or something.

  6. Racki says:

    Well the good news is that you will likely see a lot of action. The bad news is, it is directly behind the Oilers’ net for 2 of 3 periods. Rexall Seating Chart.

  7. Max Powers says:

    so 13 and 14 is directly behind the net? How long are the rows, 30 seats? Have you sat near`there before Racki? Ive sat about 12 rows up behind the net and they were the best seats I’ve ever had.

  8. Racki says:

    Yah like you, I’ve sat behind the net, but only in a higher row. I did sit in row 3 on the faceoff dot in our 2x defending zone though (against San Jose). It was a cool experience as I’d never really been that close before. It was awesome seeing the action that close up, but to be honest I much prefer higher up seats anywhere else where you can see more of the action. That’s not to say your seats will be bad though. They might end up being pretty kick ass. But I have a feeling that you will have a tough time seeing the action at the other end of the rink without looking up on the scoreboard. But at least you’ll get Club access. Actually when I had my row 3 seats, I spent a lot of time in that area. Mainly because the Oil stunk up the joint though.

  9. Max Powers says:

    Oh man, I’m so out of the loop. what’s club access? Is it where you can go and wait for the autographs or something?

  10. Racki says:

    Well, I suppose you could. I’d never done that. But Club access is just a fancy way of saying that you get to walk down in the bowels of Rexall. On the lower level, they have bars there, you can watch the players walk out of the dressing room.. they have a bit better of a gift shop there. That sort of stuff. And yes, I suppose you probably could autograph stalk someone down there, but I’ve never stuck around long enough to find out if that’s possible.

  11. Steve-O says:

    The Club is the shit. Almost no lineups for the washrooms, quicker lineups for drinks, the players walk through on their way from the dressing room to the ice so you can yell derisive stuff at them and I’m not sure the gift shop is better, but no lineups there either.

  12. Racki says:

    It might have just been the time I went, but when I checked out the gift shop down there they had stuff I hadn’t seen before, plus the autographed hats which I hadn’t seen at the other ones. But again, maybe it was just the timing.

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