A few new Oilers updates courtesy of Oilers Nation

By , August 10, 2009 7:33 pm
Ok, not that breaking.. but we'll take what we can get..

Ok, not that breaking.. but we'll take what we can get..

First off, credit to Jason Gregor for the great update on Oilers Nation (with it being off-season, I’ll take anything.. but these are some good Oil-related updates).

  • Smid contract is close. Smid’s camp wants a 1 or 2 year deal while the Oilers are trying to get a 3-year deal done. Sounds like they at least agree on the money though. But word is the deal will be done soon.
  • Cogliano will likely get a look at LW since his faceoffs are utterly craptacular. Does that mean on the first line? Gregor didn’t say, but that might happen.
  • Dustin Penner might be tried on RW. This one doesn’t make much sense to me. I wonder if they’re trying this because he’s a left shot… or perhaps they have an idea for a line combination for him. I am thinking that all these thoughts (including more revelations in this post) mean he’s going to be put on line 2.
  • Moreau and Pisani will be the book ends on the 3rd line, and Jacques Stortini on the 4th. Not much surprise here, but we’ve got new coaches… so you never know what ideas they might come up with.
  • Gregor speculated that Horcoff might get a look on the 3rd line (although he thought it would be unlikely). I’ve suggested this idea a few times this off-season in line suggestions. I’d love to see Moreau Horcoff Pisani.
  • Gregor also indirectly mentioned that Gagner might get a look on line 1 (he said he would be one of the top-six forwards.

Personally, with the hints above, I wonder if we’ll see these lines:

Cogliano O’Sullivan Hemsky

Nilsson Gagner Penner

Moreau Horcoff Pisani

Jacques Brule/Pouliot Stortini

The size on that top line scares me though, and I’m not a big fan of Nilsson right now (as I’ve said before, I think there are better versions of him on this roster already). But I’m willing to give him (and everyone else) a chance to redeem himself this year.

A few things I look forward to as possibilities:

– line 1 with a different top line centre on it; either O’Sullivan or Gagner (and this is coming from a Horcoff fan).

– line 2 having Penner on it, giving them a boost of size

– an all vet Moreau/Horcoff/Pisani line

– a solid energy line of Jacques, Stortini and whatever sandwich meat they can find (hopefully Brule… I think he’s a better fit than Pouliot).

One other thing to note, not in regards to this article. Gregor mentioned on Team 1260 that Brule does NOT have to clear waivers to be sent down. This is according to the Oilers and according to the Brule camp. Why that is, I honestly do not understand (if you read the CBA, it makes more sense that he does have to clear waivers). But with everyone fighting for jobs, and not wanting to lose players for nothing.. we might not get a chance to see Brule just yet. I hope that’s not the case though.

Please read more details on Oilers Nation.

14 Responses to “A few new Oilers updates courtesy of Oilers Nation”

  1. Steve-O says:

    Lines as I see it:

    O’Sullivan – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Cogliano – Gagner – Penner
    Moreau – Pouliot – Pisani
    Jacques – Brule – Stortini

    Nilsson and MacIntyre look to be on the outs. I think it was on Copper and Blue that it was pointed out that Quinn doesn’t like scrappers who can’t play. And Nilsson is too replaceable (and will be moreso once Eberle and Magnum P.S. join the team)

  2. Racki says:

    Yup, I can see those lines too. I’d actually prefer that more than what I was suggesting might happen above based on Gregor’s info.

  3. Hockey Noob says:

    Hey Racki/Steve-O,

    To be honest, my ‘gut’ feeling is probably more comfortable with looking at Steve-O’s lines.

    Racki, O’Sullivan on 1C–ugggh that’s interesting thought, but the size issue as you’ve mentioned along with his weak faceoff stats might be a concern. O’Sulli’s not afraid to shoot the puck which is why I can see the novelty of him on a line with Hemsky, but at the same time, his shooting %… well sucks. This line combo might work out okay if the vets played the ‘tough’ minutes, otherwise, I could see Cogs/O’Sulli/Hemmer hemorrhaging goals against.

    I am interested with the idea of Horcoff on 3C in terms of a vet line that’s used to play the ‘toughs.’ As we’ve discussed before (Racki), it would look better with Moreau replaced by a better option though.

  4. Racki says:

    Hey Noob,

    I actually agree with and like Steve O’s lines better too.. you and I have discussed a bit, and I think similar lines have come up between us at points. The lines I mentioned in the post, I don’t really fully suggest myself.. I am just guessing that they would look like something like that, based on the hints Gregor gave.

    As far as our top two lines, I can see either of Cogliano or O’Sullivan in the top line LW, and the other on a 2nd line wing. Either way, I really think Penner is a good idea on line 2. His size will really help the smaller players out. And yah, Cogliano O’Sullivan Hemsky might be dangerous at both ends of the ice. Could be a train wreck waiting to happen in their own zone.

    As for Moreau, Steve-O won’t agree, since he has a shrine of Chopper in his bathroom, but I’d love to see him on line 4. If we had another player of decent size, I could see Horcoff on line 3.. but I think that might be the biggest stumbling block there. I would guess that Horcoff is going to be #1C this year.

  5. Max Powers says:

    I could see size being an issue for the O’sully, Cogs and Hemsky line, but Cogs is pretty good defensively and O’sully isn’t too shabby either (based mostly on the fact he kills penalties and didn’t look that bad defensively with the oil last year). GA might not be too much of a problem IMO, unless they get pushed around too much in their own end IMO.

  6. Racki says:

    I think that would be the big issue with that line is that they are at a disadvantage with those battles in the corners. But I’m liking Steve-O’s suggestion best and can see that happening.

    In other news, I’ll just draw some attention to the text below the comment box at the very bottom of the page. I added a plug-in that makes it a lot easier to add an avatar to your profile. Just punch in your e-mail that you signed up on this blog with (if you didn’t supply one, add it to your profile) and then give it whatever password you like (don’t worry, this goes straight to Gravatar), and then follow the instructions on Gravatar for attaching an avatar to your e-mail address.

    I personally think it’s a pain in the ass to add avatars (it’s a WordPress thing), but it’s the best thing I can find for now.

  7. Horpensky says:

    I really think our top two centers will be Horcoff and Gagner, I really don’t see them putting Horc on the 3rd line because of how much he gets paid. Even though it might work, his salary and situation will be on everyone’s mind (even the coaches) and they’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I like a little competition on the LW, and like Steve-o’s lines, Nilsson could be on the outside looking in if he doesn’t step it up. Having Patty’O, Cogs, and Nilsson compete could be a good thing.

  8. Racki says:

    Yah, honestly, I thought about it some more, and while I would like a vet line with Horc/Pisani together, I still think Horcoff is our best centre and will provide that top line with a bit of all-around stability.

    I wish they spend the small change it’ll take to get Betts/Malhotra and just do it though.

    Then maybe our bottom six would look like:

    Pouliot Betts/Malhotra Pisani
    Moreau Brule Stortini

    OR (for more size)
    Moreau Betts/Malhotra Pisani
    JFJ Brule Stortini

    I know a lot of people have said our bottom six isn’t the problem, but I beg to differ. Having a guy like Betts/Malhotra on the team would really put my mind at ease on our PK, and we’d actually have a line that we could consider as a shut down line. That would take a lot of pressure off of Horcoff.

    But we don’t have the money, they say… well, moving Nilsson and one of JFJ/MacI off the NHL roster in some way (trade or down to the minors / waivers) would be what I would do.

    I’ll be happy to eat these words, but a guy like Malhotra or Betts will do far more for this team than someone like Pouliot, JFJ, Nilsson or MacIntyre will (especially with the players we have waiting in the wings). I don’t think those role guys should be underestimated. And well, if we’re really scraping the dimes up, then pick Betts. I don’t think he was asking for much at all.

  9. Mr.Majestyk says:

    I can’t say I disagree with you Racki. I’ve always thought that we need to develop and draft players with top 6 potential because there is no point in trying to develop a 3rd and 4th liner. Those are the kinds of role players that you trade for or sign as free agents. They don’t command huge salaries and for the most part are easy to come by. I really wish Quinn had been brought in during last season and he would already have an opportunity to assess the players vying for spots this year. He Quinn finished the year in Edmonton, he might already told management that the Pouliot experiment should end. Same goes with JFJ. As it stands now, we’re still wondering what these guys can bring to the table under a new coaching staff.

  10. Racki says:

    Yah, I’ve never been fully sold on either of those guys, but there are times where I do like them in the line up. Jacques problem is we barely got to see any of him because of that back injury, and before that, he seemed to be too much in the mindset that he had to be a scorer. He’s obviously no offensive threat now, but could be a good energy guy with the upside of being able to fight well. It’s hard to cut a guy like that loose though because as someone else mentioned, big bodies that can skate are hard to come by. Pouliot though.. I think he’s replaceable. Even within our current roster.

    And I completely wish Quinn was hired before last year ended. That would have helped a lot in him seeing what everyone is capable of. Now he’ll have to wait until training camp and get a rushed look.

  11. OilerTyler says:

    I cringe whenever i see Horcoff put in that third line center position. He has the most offensive talent of all of our forwards (In my opinion of course), he is responsible defensively and is the only center we have that i trust to win the faceoff and get the puck to Hemsky. I honestly wouldn’t want anyone else centering that first line.

  12. OilerTyler says:

    I definately meant Horcoff has the most offensive talent of all of our centres, not forwards.

  13. Steve-O says:

    Lowetide has a new post up regarding some more oilers updates, and looks as though Betts may be on the radar if we can free up some salary.

  14. Racki says:

    I’ve actually got an article in the works on that, now that you mention it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Edit: published the article here.

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