Patrick Kane arrested for allegedly beating cabbie ‘over 20 cents’…

By , August 9, 2009 7:02 pm
Don't mess with 20 Cent

Don't mess with 20 Cent

Read on, here.

Rumor is, he didn’t want to give this guy his spare change either.

UPDATE: The cabbie’s lawyer is downplaying the incident, apparently. More info here. Details are still pretty sketchy.

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Remembering MacT

By , August 9, 2009 5:39 pm
POTF: Hi Craig, thanks for agreeing to this interview, we know how busy you are, and all.
MacT: Yah, well you probably could have waited until I was out of the washroom…
POTF: These bigger stalls are pretty roomy though, hey? Soooooo anyways… how’s the whole job hunting thing coming?
MacT: Well, to be honest with you, I’ve enjoyed the time off. I’m not really looking for anything at this time.
POTF: Have you had any offers from other teams around the league?
MacT: I’m enjoying the time off, and not really concerning myself with looking.
POTF: I noticed Charlie Huddy got a job with the stars the other day.
MacT: LOOK! I’m sick of you guys asking about Huddy. What more can I say about him? The guy’s conditioning is horrible. When we brought him in to the coaching staff, we thought that would be the starting
point… it turned out that……..
*awkward silence*
POTF: Wow.
MacT: Sorry.
Ok, so that interview was obviously not real (there, now I can’t be sued…), but here’s my list of top MacTavish quotes that are real.
Top 10 Craig MacTavish quotes:
10. I don’t know if high-sticking is up. I don’t think so. Some of those old guys were pretty cut up. And you know, (current high-stick incidents) are all accidental. So I don’t know how there could be more now
compared to back then, where there were a lot more intentional ones, for sure. There were some wicked stickmen when I started. It was part of it. That’s how guys like Bobby Schmautz played, and even Wayne
Cashman, who was a helluva stickman. And guys were proud of it. It was, ‘Hey, if you screw around with me, I’m gonna carve your eyes out.’ There’s an expression you never hear any more.
9. It’s a smart style of hockey against a very explosive team. We won’t call it a trap.
8. I had one penalty shot once and all I could think of was don’t fall and don’t shoot it into the corner. Get a shot on net.
7. I laugh at coach’s interviews between periods because how many different and creative ways can you put pucks and bodies to the net? ‘We want to get traffic to the net,’ ‘We want to get in front of the
6. Colin Campbell and Mike Murphy, they have got a lot of experience and they have got a lot of savvy and I think they do a good job separating the legitimate complaints from the illegitimate complaints. They
maybe don’t do quite as good a job with our team because we’re one of the few teams or maybe the only team that only has legitimate complaints.
5. The perfect guest again. I wondered why they were going to pick us to retire Al MacInnis’ jersey. (After losing 2-1 to the Blues)
4. Will I be wishing we’d played Dallas again? I’ll let you know in 10 days.
3. I was surprised by how easy it came out. It was one of those tear-away tongues. Kevin Lowe said I should have tucked it into the breast pocket of my jacket. Like an ascot.
2. We all know he can be very dangerous at both ends of the ice. (on Igor Ulanov)
1. He reminds me of the wizard of Oz, where you comb his hair, put on a white shirt on and wheel him out in front of the camera and he’s gonna say whatever you guys want…clearly it’s a crusade of self promotion
on his part at this point…you know, what goes around comes around in this league. (on Brian Burke)
MacTavish explaining to Schremp that is career is fucked

MacTavish asking Schremp if he's any good at any other sports

So being that it’s a slow news week, and all, we decided it would be great to call up our ol’ buddy Craig MacTavish and ask him a few questions. However, since we’re not really buddies with MacTavish, we made up what we think is a reasonable facsimile of the interview, as it would have taken place. Continue reading 'Remembering MacT'»

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